Ursula Whittaker is an actress who is famous for her role in several movies, and tv series such as Weep, Big Bang Theory, Hoffa, and so on.

She is a married woman and a proud mother of a daughter. She’s married to a famous actor and comedian from ‘The Office’ Oscar Nunez.

Through her hard work and consistency over the years, Ursula has managed to accumulate significant net worth.

Ursula Whittaker: Childhood

Ursula Whittaker was born in Los Angeles, California. Born in a family that had a solid background in films, she became influenced by Hollywood and wanted to pursue a career in the show biz.

Ursula Whittaker: Parents

She was born to Christian Whittaker. He is one of the most notable names in the film industry.

Christian has produced many films in Hollywood. His films are both loved by the critics and also commercially successful to an extent.

Christian Whittaker has also directed and written movies. His best movies include Method, Petty Feather, and so on.

The Method is one of his best movies released in 2012, which showcased an actor’s journey while he has multiple personality disorder.

Similarly, Ursula Whittaker’s grandfather, Harry Brown, was also from the movie industry. He has won Academy Award for the screenwriting.

Her grandmother, Glenn Dixon, was a popular actor of her time. Glenn acted in Untamed Youth, Vodoo Island, and many other hit movies.

Her grandparents and her father have shaped her career and her love for acting. From an early age, she had that passion for movies running in her veins.

Ursula was raised in the city of Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood.

Ursula Whittaker: Education

Ursula was also interested in her education and not just movies. She attended the University of Southern California.

The University of Southern California is a private research university located in the heart of Los Angeles.

She graduated with a B. A in American literature. Along with that, she did a minor in Film and TV.

Not only did she had a university education, but she also has experience in theaters. She began acting at a local theater very early in her career.

Ursula Whittaker: Personality traits

Name: Ursula Whittaker
Gender: Female
Height: 5 feet (1.52 m) 9 inches (ca. 23 cm)
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Profession: Actor
Country: United States
Husband: Oscar Nunez
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California
Status: Married
Education: University of Southern California
Father: Christian Whittaker
Kids: August Luce Nunez

Ursula Whittaker: Relationship

Ursula Whittaker has successfully managed to conceal her past relationships from the media. No whereabouts of her past boyfriends, affairs, or controversy have been published in the media.

She’s had a reasonably healthy life just like any teenager. Her name has been associated with none but her husband from the showbiz industry.

She is married to an actor and comedian Oscar Nuñez. Oscar is known for his sense of humor. Surely, Ursula couldn’t help but get charmed by him.

Ursula Whitaker with Oscar Nuñez for the opening night of the humans
Ursula Whitaker with Oscar Nuñez during the opening night of the humans

Oscar is a widely known celebrity. He is famous for his role in popular American sitcom The Office. The Office features several popular actors and comics, including John Krasinski, Steve Carrell, and more.

Oscar plays the role of Oscar Martinez, who is a gay accountant. His humor timing and overall personality are well portrayed on the screen.

Nunez became a household name after the show. He also did a few movies. He’s slowly transitioning into the big screen.

Oscar and Ursula got engaged on December 17, 2010. The engagement led to a very successful marriage that took place on May 21, 2011.

Several of their friends, family, and colleague attended the wedding ceremony.

Their marriage can be called an ideal marriage because even after almost ten years of their marriage, there hasn’t been any controversies or any scandals.

Even though it was Ursula’s first marriage but Nunez had already married once before. He was married to Clara before Ursula.

His marriage with Clara was much followed and loved by the media. It often sparked rumors. It used to appear in the headline most of the time.

Ursula Whittaker: Daughter

Oscar and Ursula gave birth to a beautiful daughter on October 4th, 2012. They were very thrilled to be parents.

They named the daughter August Luce Nunez.

Ursula is a native American, while Oscar is an American-Cuban actor. Oscar has played notable roles in movies like The Proposals. When do we eat, and The Italian Job.

Ursula Whittaker: Road to fame

Though Ursula is from a family with a solid background in movies, she did a lot of struggle that became the reason for her success.

Ursula Whittaker: Early Career

Ursula’s career started very early in her life when she started doing stand-up comedy. She was a stand-up comedian in her hometown. She wrote her own materials.

She has also written a monologue for The Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles Times is known for hiring the best, and Whittaker is no less.

Ursula Whittaker: Theater Work

Her genes were blessed with the knack for acting. She was a member of Theatre Neo. Theatre Neo is one of many theatre groups in Los Angeles.

She has not only performed in plays but also written and directed them, too. Her first directorial debut was Boob Jobs & Jesus. It was a one-act play, later transitioned into a short film.

She has performed in many other plays that have captured the heart of the audience.

Her mesmerizing performance in Your Mothers Butt was an all-time favorite of her fans. This play was written by Alan Ball, a widely acclaimed play-writer.

She has also shown her talent in plays like ‘Big Mistake, ‘ which was written by Theresa Rebeck.

Another play of hers that can’t be missed is, ‘Coming Attraction.” It is one of the best plays written by Ted Tally.

Ursula has also performed in ‘Taken in marriage’ which was written by Thomas Babe. This play was directed by Dorothy Lyman.

Dorothy Lyman is a popular actress who has also won an Emmy.

She might have started by writing and performing plays but that’s not all the work she’s done.

She has been known by the audience for her brief role in Grey’s Anatomy. It is one of the most popular series that ran for many seasons.

Ursula Whittaker appeared in season six of the series Tainted Obligation.

Ursula Whittaker: Movies

She has also acted in a lot of movies. Her debut movie was Hoffa. It was released in 1992.

After Hoffa, Ursula has done minor as well as prominent roles in several movies. The list of her film ranges from short film to the actual feature films.

She’s done praise-worthy work in movies like Rockstar and Quigley. She has done short movies too. The Heir Apparent, Boob Jobs, and Jesus are one of the best short films of Ursula Whittaker.

Another short film she had done is Unconventional.

She has always valued her work and continued acting. She has played in movies like Beethoven’s Big Break and Special Unit. These movies were released in 2006.

Another movie she did in 2006 is titled Inside. Inside is a movie about a boy called Alex, who has a habit of following and stalking strangers.

The recent movies of hers were that of ones she did in 2010. She acted in films like Today’s Temp and A Numbers game.

She also did a movie called Bold Native. It is a movie about animal rights.

Ursula Whittaker: Television shows

Talking about television, she made her television debuts in 2003 when she acted in Malcolm in the middle.

She went on to do shows like Judging Amy in 2004. This show is about a teenage girl called Amy, who becomes a judge in court.

She also did a show like Medical Investigation and Veronica Mars in 2005.

Ursula worked in other television shows as well, such as ER in 2006 and Grey’s Anatomy in 2009. Her work in Prime Suspect in 2011 and The Forgotten in 2011 are appreciated by both the critics and the public.

Ursula Whittaker: Net worth

Ursula has garnered a vast amount of net worth from her shows, movies, and plays.

It is estimated that she has the net worth in six digits. She lives a lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles. She drives expensive cars and loves everything about her possessions.

Her husband Oscar Nunez is reported to have a net worth of 3 million dollars. He has signed a lot of movies and has better-paying roles than Ursula.

His family emigrated from Cuba when he was just 12 years old. His father was a dentist, so they don’t have any large ancestral wealth.

Oscar and Ursula owned a ranch style luxury home in Hollywood, Hills. It was one of those homes where only the stars lived. The couple sold the house in 2018.

Oscar is fond of cars. He’s often seen driving around in one of them. He owns a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air. It’s a pretty good car for car lovers.

Ursula Whittaker: controversy

Ursula Whittaker hasn’t been involved in any controversies. She has always maintained proper decorum in the media.

Ursula Whittaker: Charity

Ursula keeps her charity hidden from the media. Nobody knows if she even does, but there is no news about her association with a charitable foundation.


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