The first step in the 3D printing process is to create a printable design.  For doing this, many people have various opinions and even debate about what the best software for 3D painting. Though it can be difficult to judge which is the best suitable software for 3D printing, each has their own best features which can be ideal according to the utility of the customers.

Selecting a 3D printing software is not very simple because some people have 3D printing communities that are not even created by 3D enthusiastic, but by graphic designer, visual artists, and game designers. Hence, doing some thorough research on finding some by setting up some parameters of use is essential. These are short-listed tools that everyone should be aware of and it must be using it in the 3D printing industry.

If you are an absolute beginner or a pure industrial professional, we highly recommend those 5 tools after doing a thorough research on the mechanisms by setting up some framework.

Parameters on deciding best 3D printing Software

Public Popularity:

  • Social Media Popularity:  The primary parameter is its popularity on social media mediums like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. which can be defined by the number of appreciators, followers, tagging, and mentions. The more the appreciators, the lead in the rank.
  • Website Popularity:  It is like how many times has the relative searches of this software appeared on the search engine? What is its ranking on the SEO list?  This is a score developed by Moz that predicts ranks according to the links that are mentioned for a particular software.

While those two factors account only popularity, to know how much do they use 3D printing software for the use, we also added some other factors.

Vogue on 3D print forums, communities:

  • 3D printing Forum Disclosure: Calculation done on the bases of software mentioned on public forums (DeviantArt, ZbrushCentral).
  • 3D printing Video Tutorials: What can beat YouTube when it comes to video searching tutorials? We track down the searches and found out which ones are the more popular tutorials on the software.

Based on the above research here are the most popular Top-5:

1. Blender

The most popular and widely used tool for 3D printing is Blender. The reason behind this is, it is open source, freely available and extremely simple; no license or no premium fee nothing. Secondly, it is the best tool if you are the newbie in this field as lots of tutorials are available on YouTube for this tool. Thirdly, it provides countless tools and provides great freedom to designers to design of what they wash.  Though it is considered difficult for the beginners, with the help of tutorials and time, you will become professional at this software.

2. SketchUp

Ranking second in the list, Sketch Up is a free software available.  It recently facilitated prepping and sharing 3D printable objects. Also, it is an easy tool which attracts a lot of beginners.  If you are looking to buy a 3D pen, you must check out reviews for best 3D printing pens online. Also at some stage in 3D creation, will you need to convert your 3D models into documentation work, for which this tool is perfect as it helps you to choose drawing scales, adjust weight lines, add dimensions, callouts, and graphics. This can be done with the help of Layout in pro version of Sketch Up. You can also save your work as PDF’s, images or CAD files.

3. Inventor

Inventor is a leading tool for magnificent 3D mechanical design. Also known as, an engineer’s choice. Inventor is a tool that helps you to create, design and documents your work by giving it a professional look.   With the latest version Inventor 2018, you can define Model-based 3D in which you can add tolerance dimensions, notes and other engineering details for 3D models. You also get to use shape generator, Parametric Modeling, Assembly Modeling, 3D PDF export and much more. Overall, for the engineer, we recommend this tool at top-notch.

4. Fusion 360

This tool is making a big buzz from last 2 to 3 years. The primary reason behind this is that it is now available easily for students, tech-enthusiast, startups and designers. It includes not only high-end CAD programs but also simple and friendly interface. Even if you’re not a student you can simply download free trial version of Fusion 360. and use it. You can even explore the core concepts of Fusion 360  CAD/CAM  in less than two hours. Also, it gives you the access to live and upcoming webinar updates. Why not to chose such an amazing tool when you can get in touch with it so easily?

5. SolidWorks

“SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD software delivers powerful design functionality with the intuitive SOLIDWORKS user interface to speed your design process and make you instantly productive.”   – Product Description

Solid Works is available in various packages like Solid Works Premium, Solid Works Professional and Solid Works Standard. Each package has its own functionality features and drawbacks. The major drawback for this software is that it is very costly. So generally companies working on rapid development of products purchase it. Beginners mostly avoid it because of its price. Though there are major features of 3D Solid Modelling, Sheet Metal Design, Plastic and Cast Part Design, Piping and Tubing Design,  CAD import/Export  Mold Design and many more.  So, if you’re a purely professional and an industry expert who wants rapid and parts creation, you should focus on this. That’s the reason it stand at no-5 in our list. Other wise, for an industrial person it is like a gold mine.

The 3D printing industry is going to be a booming industry in the years to come as artificial parts are going to be replacing the natural parts or when we want to create our custom designs to look real. But, without the knowledge of our highly recommended software, it might be a tough call for you, especially if you are unaware of that software. Make sure you take printing out your 3D object seriously. After all, Business is Business!


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