Tanita Strahan: Oldest daughter of Michael Strahan's Bio

Tanita Strahan: Oldest daughter of Michael Strahan’s Bio

Who is Tanita Strahan?

Tanita Strahan is a well-known entertainer who is neither a celebrity nor a businesswoman.

Tanita Strahan, the young kid, is the daughter of a famous football player Michael Strahan. She came into the spotlight at a young age.

Despite her status as a television figure, Strahan has protected her privacy. Tanita’s life secrets, including her personal life, career, dating life, and all in between, will be revealed today.

Quick Facts about Tanita Strahan

Full NameTanita Strahan
Famous asDaughter of Michael Strahan
Age (As of 2020)29 years old
Date of Birth (DOB), Birthday10 November 1992
Sun Sign (Zodiac Birth Sign)Libra
Hair colorBrown, curly texture
Favorite sportScuba diving
Height5 feet 5 inches (1.64 m)
Weight55 kgs (128 lbs)
Eye colorBlack

Early life and Family

Tanita was born in Germany on November 10, 1991.

Tanita Strahan is the daughter of Michael Strahan and Wanda Hutchins. She is a 29-year-old woman. Her father is an accomplished football player, and her mother is an accomplished interior designer.  

Her grandfather, Gene Willie Strahan, was a Major in the United States Army and a boxer before retiring. Grandmother Louise, on the other hand, was a basketball coach.

Tanita has a younger brother named Michael Strahan Jr., who is named after her father. 

Her parents: Michael and Wanda, are divorced. Later, Michael married Jean Muggli. Sophia and Isabella are her twin half-sisters.

Tanita Strahan enjoying with her father, brother and twin half-sisters
Tanita Strahan enjoying with her father, brother and twin half-sisters


Tanita is a Houston native who graduated from high school.

She then relocated to Los Angeles, where she studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. 

She has an Associate of Arts degree in Design and Visual Communication.

Tanita and Michael traveled to the United States for further study after finishing high school in Germany. 

Nicole Michael was in a relationship with her father at the time. He dated her for five years before moving on to Kayla Quick.

Michael Strahan: Father of Tanita Strahan

She is the daughter of Michael Anthony Strahan, a well-known former American football player.

Tanita Strahan with her father Michael Strahan
Tanita Strahan with her father Michael Strahan

Strahan, born in Houston on November 21, 1971, was a National Football League’s New York Giants.

He was a defensive end who began his professional career in 1993 with the New York Giants and spent his entire 15-year football career. 

He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2014.

After graduating from the National Football League he began acting as a tv host. 

Michael now works as a sports analyst for Fox NFL Sunday and co-hosts the ABC morning show Good Morning America.

Michael Strahan: Mother of Tanita Strahan

Tanita’s mother, Wanda Hutchins, is a former professional football player Micheal Strahan’s ex-wife.

Tanita Strahan and her mother Wanda Hutchins
Tanita Strahan and her mother Wanda Hutchins

Tanita’s mother is of German descent and was born on June 6, 1970. Wanda Hutchins is the daughter of Renate Hutchins.

They married in 1992 and enjoyed their lives together, but Wanda and Michael’s marriage did not last long. 

They split in 1996 but never disclosed the reason for their breakup.

Wanda now works as an interior designer.

Physical Appearance

Anita’s photo depicts her as having a curvy body and a good height.

We can see she has worked hard to keep her body in shape. 

Her tanned complexion and freckles on her face make her much more striking. 

Without a doubt, she has a lovely smile, but it’s her long dreadlocks that stand out.

She stands at the height of 5 feet and 5 inches, or 165 centimeters. Her eyes and hair are all purple.

She has a tattoo on her right arm that says “X.XI.MCMXCI,” which translates to “10/11/1991,” which is, of course, her birthday, and indeed, she is a Scorpio.

Her precise body dimensions, however, are still being checked.

Tanita Strahan: Career

When it comes to Tanita’s professional life, there isn’t much detail available.

Unlike her father, Michael, she is not interested in the entertainment industry, and she does not want to be in the spotlight.

Tanita earned a Design and Visual Communications degree from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising after graduating from high school. She was now working as a graphic artist.

She is a self-employed artist who uses ink, digital painting, watercolor, and media to achieve her sculpture goals. 

Tanita is helping her mother Wanda with her projects on interior design.

Tanita Strahan is an All-rounder

In addition to being the daughter of a famous football player, Tanita Strahan wanted to forge her path.

She started practicing as a Visual Artist after receiving an Associates in Arts (AA) in Digital and Visual Communications from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California. 

She also taught her fans to use watercolor, ink, and computer art effectively.

Tanita, an allrounder, finds time to host a soul and health podcast series on Youtube called The Infinite Finesse Podcast.

Is she in a Relationship?

Calenta Mincey, Tanita Strahan’s boyfriend, is in a comfortable relationship with her.

Tanita Strahan
Tanita Strahan’s boyfriend

 Calenta is an art illustrator. He is also a musician, having released his debut single album, Graveyard, on June 27, 2019.

Aside from the information provided above, nothing is known about their relationship. 

Similarly, non of them had disclosed when or how their relationship began. 

However, we discovered that the couple’s first photo together was shared on June 26, 2012, as we scrolled through her Instagram page. As a result, it’s obvious that the couple has been together for more than eight years.

Net Worth

Despite not being involved in any film events, Tanita has a well-known reputation thanks to her parents.

Tanita Strahan is self-employed and works as a graphic artist. A visual artist’s estimated annual salary is $46,379, so we assume she receives the same amount from her visual art.

She inherits everything from her father, Micheal, including the land.        

She earns from her visual Art career. Tanita’s estimated Net Worth is around $ 390k.

Meanwhile, her father, Michael Strahan, has a net worth of $65 million and earns about $17 million per year as a salary.

Social Media Presence

Tanita and Michael Jr. had to grow up in the shadows of their parents’ divorce.

Tanita and Michael were not interested in social media during their youth, but they have recently started sharing pictures of their families.

Tanita, unlike her mum, is very engaged on social media nowadays. She shares photos that explain her art and fashion sense.

She is popular on social media and has a fanbase of over 3000 people.

SNS has been an excellent place for her to share her artwork, architecture, and photos of friends and family.

She posts her artworks, shoulder tattoo, childhood memories, and more on her Instagram account @tanitaa.st.

Unlike Tanita, Isabella, and Sophia, her half-sisters have been active in social media since a very young age. 

Tanita Strahan: The first limelight

Tanita is not a well-known model or businesswoman, and she has little experience in the film industry; however, she has been well-known in the mainstream.

Her father’s personality helped to put her in the spotlight.

Tanita first rose to prominence as Michael’s daughter after his first divorce. 

She has been involved on Instagram recently, and can be seen in photos with her family.

Wanda and Tanita have gained attention following Michael’s second divorce. The “crime” that Michael was accused of by Jean Muggli caused a lot of havoc.

Wanda was present to defend what a wonderful father he was and save him from accusations.

Tanita and Michael fans have been using the hashtag #Girldad in response to her father Michael’s recent collage tweets.

Despite the turmoil of division, the children of both mothers have a happy and loving relationship.

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