Stelle Ciccone: Adoption, Family, Biography

Who is Stelle Ciccone?

Stelle Ciccone is the adopted daughter of Madonna.

Stella Ciccone with her twin sister
Stella Ciccone with her twin sister

Quick Facts about Stelle Ciccone

Full NameStelle Ciccone
Known asStelle Ciccone
Birth Date2012, August 24
Birth PlaceMalawi, East Africa
ResidenceThe U.S.A.
Mother’s NameMadonna
Biological FatherAdam Malawi
Biological MotherPatrica Malawi
SiblingsRocco Ritchie, Lourdes Maria, David Banda, Mercy James, and Estere Ciccone (Twin sister)
Age8 years old as of 2020
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
OrphanageHome of Hope, Malawi, Africa
Social MediaInstagram
Madonna MerchBody of EvidenceMadonna: Goddess of PopLike A Virgin


Before knowing Stelle, you might be well known about Madonna; a famous actress, songwriter, and musician. In addition, she is also known for her kind heart.

Stelle and her twin sister Esther were adopted by Madonna when they were four years old. They were placed in an orphanage, where their father abandoned them due to financial difficulties. These girls lost their mothers and had to have mother in life.

Madonna was very friendly when she opened the door for the twins. She had two biological childern. Madonna loves her children very much. Madonna has a strong bond with her children, so it is difficult to see any of them leave her.

She admitted that when the eldest daughter, Lourdes Leon, left home to go to college, it was a tough experience that caused her to fall into depression. Fortunately, Lourdes kept calling her to share how she missed Madonna.

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The biological parents of Stella Ciccone

Stelle and her twin sister Esther were born in the family of Adam Mwale and the late mother, Patrick Mwale.

They lost their mother when they were very young and were sent to an orphanage because they could not meet their needs financially. He said that he wanted his daughters to live a better life in his admitted comments, which prompted him to adopt them.

Stella Ciccone’s current mother

Madonna Ciccone is the mother of Stella Ciccone and her twin sisters. The name Madonna cannot be ignored in the music industry. Madonna has only two biological children from two different family backgrounds.

Stella Ciccone posing with her mother Madonna and twin sister Esther
Stella Ciccone posing with her mother Madonna and twin sister Esther

Madonna’s love for twins

Madonna likes to spend time with twins, and her social media posts prove this. Girls can’t even dream of a better mother because Madonna has given them so much love.

On June 3, 2018, Madonna shared a photo of her with the girls during her visit to Portugal. You can see that Stella and Ester wear the same outfits and look great with their mother.

An interesting fact about Madonna although Madonna is known for her heroic legend in the music industry, she should be called a pop singer, but she chose to be called a performer.

She hates invading the privacy of celebrities that she has to deal with from time to time. However, she noticed that as a star, she would get free clothes she liked.

Facts about Madonna

Madonna grew up in a middle-class family, but her determination to succeed separated her from her previous life. Although she is no longer married to her ex, Sean Penn, she noticed that he played an essential role in her life story and learned a lot from him.

She added that her child means a lot to her now. A good mother gives her children a good life. Although she loves her children, she is subject to strict discipline. Madonna said that her achievements in her career are her mother’s efforts.

Regarding her religious beliefs, Madonna believes in a supreme existence and understands different religions such as Taoism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, and Hinduism.

Madonna’s net worth

The cost over the years is estimated to be approximately US$850 million. Most of it comes from her music career. To date, she has sold more than 300 million albums worldwide, becoming one of the best-selling songs.

In addition to his music career, her other sources of income include advertising contracts, performances, advertising presentations, and so on.

Apart from music, other income sources are fashion design, fitness clubs, children’s books, etc.

Some of her most influential albums include Mrs. X, Hard Candy, Confessions on the Dance Floor, and more.

As an actress, Madonna has appeared in many movies, such as “The Next Best Choice,” “Evita,” “Dangerous Game,” etc., and played various roles in them.

Stelle Ciccone: Adoption

In 2017, Madonna announced the adoption of Stella Ciccone and her sister Esther Ciccone, which attracted media attention.

With the adoption of the twins, Madonna officially became the mother of six children. She announced the news to the world by sharing information on social media.

The adoption process of Stella and her twin sister Esther was completed on February 8, 2017; also mentioned that the twins were four years old at the time of adoption.

Madonna posted the first photo of a girl with love where she was holding hands with each other on Instagram. She also said that she adopted them from the Hope House Orphanage.

However, before Stella, Madonna adopted other children from Hope House, Mercy James, and David.

Since David Banda was first adopted in 2006, he has been several times. In addition, as everyone knows, David’s health is feeble, Madonna continues to adopt to save the child’s life.

A person may be misjudged and criticized for doing good deeds. Becoming the center of attention is never easy. This is the most challenging period of the singer’s life, and some so-called media are busy destroying her and making money from her reputation.

The controversial headline news and gossip didn’t move her. She continued to help children in need and continued her charity work.

There is no doubt that she is a model of kindness and humanity.

Madonna’s Raising Malawi

Madonna is good at understanding and friendly. She is the co-founder of the non-profit organization Raising Malawi. The organization was founded in 2006 with Michael Berg, hoping to comfort millions of orphans and help them eradicate poverty and their needs.

The organization is an initiative to reduce the severe poverty gap and is committed to providing orphans with resources in health, education, housing, and nutrition. Madonna has been providing financial support to the community and helping children in need since 2006.

The organization will continue to spare no effort to complete its mission of helping orphans.

Madonna is working with Malawi on her charity project because many orphans don’t have access to the resources they need to grow fully.

Stelle Cioccone’s Siblings

Stella Ciccone with her family
Stella Ciccone with her family

Madonna took Stella and her sister home and became the mother of the sixth child. Stelle is now she is lucky to have five siblings: David, Rocco, Mercy, Lourdes, and twin sister Esther.

Lourdes Maria is the eldest of all children and the biological daughter of Madonna, who was born in 1996 with her ex-partner Carlos. Leon. Rocco Ritchie is also Madonna’s biological son from her former partner Guy Ritchie.

David Banda and Mercy James were adopted form the Hope orphanage in Africa in 2006 and 2009.

Finally, in 2017, Madonna adopted Stella and Esther from the same orphanage. Stella is lucky to be with a caring and supportive family member with a healthy growth environment.

From the perspective of social media, Stelle seems to be enjoying life with his family to the full. Because Stella is too young, she spent her childhood with her family.

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Net Worth of Stelle Ciccone

Stelle does not have a profitable career yet, but her mother, Madonna, has worth US$850 million as of 2020. She  has a beautiful family and affordability.

With unlimited resources, Stella has the potential to build an outstanding career in the future. Since Stella is only eight years old in 2020, she is too young to appear on social media.

People are undoubtedly interested in learning their way of life. Stella is not old enough to be a social media, but her family founded Instagram account as @cicconetwins.

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