Ron Goldman- Innocent victim of the brutal murder- Whats his story

Ron Goldman- Innocent victim of the brutal murder- Whats his story

Who is Ron Goldman?

Ron Goldman is one of the titles that hasn’t faded in popularity in over two decades.

The ten-part podcast series launched by Kim Goldman, Ron’s niece, has evoked the silver jubilee of the “trial of the century” after a long time.

Nicole and Ron’s murders were a broadcast event involving nearly all, including crime, bigotry, and discrimination.

It’s been impossible not to remember the name “Ron” for the rest of our lives.

Quick Facts about Ron Goldman

Full NameRonald Lyle Goldman
Height1.85 m (6 feet 1 inch)
WeightNot known
Zodiac signCancer
Eye ColorLight brown
Hair ColorBrownish black,  long at the front and industrial style cut
Favorite sportsSurfing, Beach Volleyball, Rollerblading, Nightclubbing, Tennis, soccer
NicknameRon Goldman/ Ronald Goldman
Birthmark/ TattooInked an “Ankh” on his shoulder.
Fashion styleFormal style – Light Stripped shirts, Printed tie, Trendy canvas  andBaseball cap, headband, flannel shirts over round neck white t-shirts for informal style

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Childhood and education

Ron Rufo, the first child of Fred Goldman and Sharon (Fohrman) Rufo, was a skinny but joyful and robust kid. He was born on July 2, 1968.

He had a more free-spirited disposition, a truly happy-go-lucky attitude, and was a lot of fun to be around.

Ron Goldman was born and raised in the Buffalo Grove neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. 

He spent the majority of his youth with his younger sister Kim Goldman, who was Jewish. He was the room’s comedian who used to play soccer and tennis.

His parents divorced when he was six years old in 1974. 

After being walked over by their mother, he must have grown up to be a fearsome friend, a caring son, and a protective brother.

Ron was briefly in his mother’s care before moving in with his father and sister.

When Ron was eighteen, Fred remarried to Patti Glass and moved to Southern California with their three children in 1987. 

Fred is now residing in Arizona.

His personality and research suffered long-term consequences as a result of his divorce. Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois, was his high school.

He had to relocate to Southern California later, which disrupted his studies.

To ensure that he grew up in a close-knit household, his father was loving and kind, and they shared everything.

The bereaved sister recalls that her brother was protective of her, never allowing harm to get close to her.

Ron Goldman
Ron Goldman’s Family

When they were children, he was a brave big brother who rescued his frightened sister from a traffic accident and accompanied her to the hospital in the ambulance.

They shared a strong bond that became stronger over time.

Ron took pride in taking care of his sister more than anything else, according to his father. To ask Kim out on a date, every guy had to go through Ron.

These are the experiences that have given the grieving family strength and bravery to this point.


Following his passing, tabloid rumors about his intimate relationship with Nicole Brown became common.

On the other hand, friends and colleagues claim that the rumors are false because there is no firm proof that the rumors are real.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Ron knew Nicole six months before their deaths when he borrowed her Lamborghini to visit his friend Craig Clark for lunch.

Ron allegedly suggested borrowing a car to Craig, but he did not introduce her as his girlfriend, according to Craig.

They had a platonic friendship, according to acquaintances.

Their relationship blossomed as they spent time together at dances, coffee shops, and dinners.

Ron had been dating Jacqui Bell for almost two years and had broken up with her three months before his suicide.

Ron has a close relationship with his family and colleagues. He told them everything he knew about his love life. He wasn’t the sort to engage in “secret dating.”


Ron was never going to fit into a box.

That may be why he worked in a variety of occupations throughout his 25-year career.

When he was younger, he served as a camp counselor and volunteered to support autistic children.

He enrolled as a Psychology major at Illinois State University for a semester after graduation from high school in 1986. 

Before moving to Southern California with his family at eighteen, he entered the Pledge Sigma Nu fraternity.

He took some courses at Pierce College and worked as an employment headhunter and tennis coach while living in Los Angeles.

Barry Zeldes had a series of waiter jobs and modeling roles.

He was the store Z90049, a promoter of restaurant bars in Century City, a promoter of events, and even a contestant on the short-lived game show Studs in 1992.

Before his death, he obtained an emergency medical technician’s degree but did not seek that profession.

He was working as a waiter at Brentwood’s Mezzaluna Trattoria restaurant during his final days.

Ron, the son of a real estate agent and salesperson, has a good disposition for the restaurant industry.

Towards the end of his life, he desired to open an ankh-themed restaurant and bar in the Brentwood area.

It’s an Egyptian symbol that means “forever life.”

Ron Goldman Fought Till Death

Ron was a couple of weeks away from his 26th birthday when he got a call from Nicole Brown Simpson, the ex-wife of former NFL player and media personality O.J. Simpson.

Nicole had dined with her mother earlier that evening in the restaurant where Ron worked, and her mother had left sunglasses behind.

Ron didn’t serve them, but he did look for the bottles, which he discovered in a street gutter outside the restaurant.

Ron had a strong relationship with Nicole, a lovely blonde.

She was able to easily communicate with him because she had previously worked as a waitress.

On his way home from college, he decided to drop the glasses off at her house.

Ron remained at the bar for fifteen minutes before punching out at 9:33 and heading back to his Brentwood flat.

He spoke briefly with his roommate, who also worked at the same business, and the two agreed to go out later that evening. Ron was never about to make it.

Police later discovered Ron shortly after midnight. He was found dead next to the body of Nicole at her home in LA.

Ron had a strong relationship with Nicole, a lovely blonde.

She was able to easily communicate with him because she had previously worked as a waitress.

Ron was apprehended just after midnight by police. He was discovered dead next to Nicole’s body at her Los Angeles residence.

During the investigation, investigators concluded that he must have arrived soon after Nicole’s death on June 12, 1994.

Nicole’s Akita, “Kato,” howled nonstop with a bloodstain on his belly and leg, which alerted neighbors.

They alerted the authorities. Nicole, 35, was discovered dead in a walkaway hallway, while Ron was found dead in the brush a few feet away.

Fred learned about his beloved son’s death from a phone call from the Coroner’s office.

He broke the heartbreaking news to Kim, who collapsed to the ground in agony.

They were told that their son was the “other victim” in Nicole Brown’s murder case.

Witnesses claim he was fighting back, crying, and doing all he could to save her.

Nicole was stabbed 12 times and had her throat slit as Ron attempted to protect her.

In his autopsy, there were more than 25 stab wounds.

Ron Goldman: Fame of the “other victim.”

The main suspect in the case was O.J. Simpson.

Ron Goldman was the “other victim” of the heinous crime, whose highlights included a millionaire convict and his ex-wife as victims.

“Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were assassinated”– the focus of this coverage was on the black actress, societal racism, and a slew of other factors that pushed the “other victim” out of the spotlight.

Ron was an unwitting bystander who was in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

He was a survivor when he was unable to escape and thus went to avoid and assist. 

The trial for Simpson lasted nearly a year after it was televised in 1995.

The O.J Simpson Trial- 1995
The O.J Simpson Trial- 1995

For all they had, Fred and Kim began their legal battle against Simpson.

After a federal lawsuit in 1997, in which Simpson was held responsible for the victims’ wrongful deaths and fined $33.5 million, the case of public fascination resurfaced.

The jury’s verdict did not satisfy Ron’s family that the “dream team of lawyers” was instrumental in freeing the defendant, whom they felt was guilty.

They relentlessly pursued Simpson for years, putting moral pressure on him.

He was incarcerated in Nevada in 2007 for robbery and abduction, and he was released in October 2017.

As a result, over more than two decades, there was never a dull moment when it came to Ron.

The release of books such as His Name Is Ron: Our Quest for Justice (1997) and If I Did It: Confessions of a Murderer (2007), as well as films such as “The O.J. Simpson Story” and Russ Russo’s “Reenactment of the Century,” which implemented Ron, fueled the impact of tailing.

The podcast questioning O. J. Simpson, in which Kim confronted members of the jury and key figures connected to Ron Goldman’s notorious lawsuit, resurrected the name in the newspapers.

Ron Goldman: Net worth

Ron, who was known as “an American Waiter” in his final days, would have a net worth of one million to five million dollars by 2019 if he had lived.

Ron Goldman: Controversies

The first point of contention in Ron’s life was his engagement with Nicole, which was ruled invalid due to a lack of substantial facts.

In his life, the most contentious issue was whether evidence of Simpson’s guilt was ignored. During the courtroom, it set OJ free and declared him not guilty.

The third Ron controversy is already going on. Kim and Fred are using his identity after his death to extort money from Simpson.

Any primary witnesses in the case, including those close to Simpson, say that Kim is an emotionally traumatized gold digger.

Ron Goldman: Charity after death

About the fact that Ron did not collect money for any reason, his murder case and the Ron Goldman Foundation for Justice, which collected a part of the proceeds from the book If I Did So, have been used to advocate for victims of violent crimes.

Millions of dollars earned as a responsibility of Simpson’s death by the foundation, as well as proceeding rights, charitable donations, and fundraisers around the world, have aided the foundation’s programs.

Ron Goldman: Social media

Ron was not a member of any social media platforms when he was alive.

His young sister’s commitment to honor his memory by using her non-profit agency to advocate for victims has made him famous on social media.

It’s no secret that he’s her hero, and her Instagram walls are full of photos of Ron Goldman.

Ron Goldman: Eternal life on the grave

A victim of an officially unsolved murder mystery, Ron Goldman died a brutal death with his eyes wide open.

His sister was never able to see the last photographs of her brother, but she adores him and admires his courage in fighting and not fleeing till the very last breath.

His body is interred in Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Memorial Park in Westlake Village, California, under the ankh-headstone.

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