10 places to go for vacation in the summers

Discover best 10 places to go for vacation

Not sure where to go for your summer vacation? Look no further! This post will give you 10 places to get the perfect summer getaway.

1. Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Nestled in the Swiss Alps, this is one of the most beautiful spots in Europe. And from all that fresh air, you’ll be energized for anything!

Lake Geneva, Switzerland, is the largest lake in Western Europe. Nestled between France and Switzerland, this 133-mile long lake is a gem of both countries. The French side is known as Lac Léman, and its Swiss side is called Lac de Genève. It’s no surprise that both sides have breathtaking views for visitors to enjoy. The only problem? Figuring out which side to explore first!

2. Kabat Island, Indonesia

The island is a pearl of the Indian Ocean, with beaches that stretch for miles and are lined with coconut trees, the perfect postcard-style escape. But Kabat Island offers much more than just a beautiful setting. In addition to some of the world’s most pristine beaches, guests can go diving in search of exotic marine life or paddleboard through lagoons for glimpses of dolphins and whales.

Surrounded by the Coral Triangle and three nations of Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, Kabat Island offers an authentic taste of a Central Asian adventure. The island is small, with a population of only 2,000 people spread across only 30 square miles. It has two main villages: Mastung and Gharnam. To help preserve the island’s original culture and environment, there are no large hotels or resorts on Kabat Island. Most lodging is in traditional Baluchis’ homes, and the island’s two main villages have a town center that offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and mosques. Outside the towns, there are many secluded beaches that are great for enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.

This summer season on Kabat Island will include an e-book publication called “Kabat Island: Insider Guides to Exploring the Islands of Indonesia. The publication includes information on the island’s climate, flora and fauna, history, culture, and heritage. It also shares the tales of unique people who have lived on Kabat Island for 5,000 years.

This island features turquoise waters and white sand beaches that are a little less crowded than those in nearby Bali or Lombok.

3. Dujiangyan, China

The ancient city of Dujiangyan, China is located around 100 miles northwest of Chengdu in the Sichuan Province. It is most famous for its Dujiangyan Irrigation System.

The irrigation system has been used to irrigate the fertile Chengdu Plain since the year 256 BC (the year after Emperor Qin Shi Huang unified China) and made it possible for people to live much closer to each other than they otherwise would have on such dry land.

One of the most remarkable things about Dujiangyan is that it has not changed much over the past few thousand years. The people who live there still wear traditional black robes and speak in a very old form of Chinese.

While Dujiangyan looks much like it did during its legendary past, Chengdu is now an industrial city with skyscrapers and modern conveniences. Modern transportation also means that food can be obtained much more easily and quickly than in earlier times.

The main purpose of the city is to produce food for the people living in Chengdu. The system was created by Li Bing, who made a go-between lake that collected water from the many nearby streams. The water was then fed into an irrigation system which led it to all the fields in the region.

There are many interesting things to see at Dujiangyan. You can visit a museum where rice-growing had been practiced for thousands of years and where preserved models of rice growing were displayed.

Famed for its hot springs, this is one of the more unique destinations to visit on the list. As it’s located inside a mountain, it’s totally surreal to see villagers bathing in pools of boiling hot water!

4. Moab, Utah

Even though it’s technically in the desert, there is so much beauty about this area. Take the red rock formations and beautiful, narrow canyons as a testament to why this is a fun spot to visit.

Moab is a desert town in eastern Utah America. It’s renowned for its picturesque red rocks and rivers, making it a popular tourist destination for rock climbers and hikers alike.

Moab’s population is just 4,500, but the nearby Arches and Canyonlands National Parks make this town feel a lot busier. A vibrant arts culture brings its own vibrancy to an otherwise rather desolate landscape.

It’s easy to see why Moab is one of the world’s top cycling destinations—and how having a fat bike on hand will open up even more possibilities while exploring this picturesque desert town.

Riding a fat bike in Moab is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. In the winter months, after the snow melts, big tires roll through powdery sand and kick up massive rooster tails of dust. For those looking for a less sandy experience, there are plenty of singletrack trails for you to enjoy, led by locals who know these mountain bike trails like no other.
There’s also a wide variety of terrain in this area, making it the perfect destination for winter riding and spring bikers.

For those who prefer to avoid the desert sand, there are plenty of rough and rocky singletrack trails in Moab that will be sure to leave you gasping for air. If you’re a mountain biker, try riding one of the long and challenging routes through Arches National Park. For those taking their bikes on vacation, this is where fat bikes come into play.

Moab is also a hub for road biking. In addition to varied terrain, Moab offers vast views of distant mountains and rugged terrain. This is the place for endurance riding with spectacular views and exhilarating single-track mountain biking trails. For those who prefer paved routes, Moab has gorgeous bike lanes through Arches National Park, along paved paths running alongside the Colorado River, and on many newly developed commuter paths that are popular with locals.

5. Kerala, India

Just south of India’s capital city of New Delhi, Kerala is a popular destination for nature lovers and families alike. Visit the Spice Coast—a mangrove forest found near the Arabian Sea that features exotic birds, elephants, and monkeys—to add to the beauty of this region.

Kerala is a state located on the Malabar Coast of southwestern India. It was formed on 1 November 1956 and has an area of 38,863 km2 (15,005 sq mi). Kerala has high literacy rates despite the lack of major industrial developments.

The state is bordered by Karnataka to the north and northeast, Tamil Nadu to the east and south, and the Arabian Sea to the west. Kerala is India’s most literate state with a 94.85% literacy rate compared to the national average of 74.04%. Kerala has a highly developed transport network, including networks of rail, road, air, and sea routes. It is considered to be one of the safest states in India.

Kerala’s high literacy rate and moderate living standards make it a key tourist destination in India. In 2010, there were many tourist arrivals from other parts of India and abroad. The state received the highest number of national tourists, 17 million, as compared to the 22 million tourists from other parts of India.

The major attractions in Kerala are rice paddies, water lily pools in backwaters, and tropical forests that attract travelers from all over the world.

6. Pembrokeshire, Wales

Great for those who want to avoid all of the crowds! Pembrokeshire is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the larger cities. Explore any number of quiet beaches, visit some quaint towns, or just go for a long hike—your choice!

If you’re looking for the perfect place to take a summer vacation then Pembrokeshire in Wales is one of the best choices. It offers some stunning views and walks along with plenty to do for all ages, whether you are a family on holiday or traveling with friends.

Pembrokeshire is located in the southwest of Wales, near Cork in Ireland. It has a total area of 103,000 square miles. There are some beautiful cliffs in the area. The most notable is called Cleave Gap which has an elevation of 1,000 feet above sea level and is the highest point in Wales.

The county also contains many beaches and coves as well as 18 national parks – more than any other county or region in Wales.
Pembrokeshire is well known for its beauty with many areas of outstanding landscape, ancient monuments, and a number of national parks. It is the place to go if you want to see spectacular scenery and walk along the coast.

There is much that Pembrokeshire has to offer whether you are on holiday or just visiting for a few days or weeks. The county’s beautiful countryside makes it ideal for walking and cycling through peaceful lanes lined with beautiful scenery such as those found in St. Dogmaels and Neyland.

There is much for the children to do in Pembrokeshire. The county has a number of playgrounds, museums, and many castles to explore. Tenby Castle is just one of the many attractions found in Pembrokeshire, Wales for family holidays as well as amazing walks along the rugged coastline.

The coastline stretches over 150 miles with 236 beaches along with other coves and bays where you can swim or snorkel in the bay.

There are some stunning beaches in Pembrokeshire that are perfect for swimming and sunbathing. One of the most popular among the locals is Cantref Beach near St. Dogmaels, which is in a picturesque location with a sheltered bay fronted by cliffs rising to 500 feet from the harbor.

Numerous beaches are found along the Pembrokeshire coast. Cantref Beach is located about seven miles south of St. Dogmaels. Inland from this is the bustling resort of St. David’s with a beach and pier. Nearby is the Llangrannog Holiday Resort with a big sandy beach and jetty. Another popular beach is Aberporth, where there are sandy coves with rock pools.

Pembrokeshire also has a number of National Parks to explore. These include:
St Dogmaels and Neyland in Pembrokeshire, which has many castles and ruins from the 11th and 12th centuries.

Land of the Blackbirds in Pembrokeshire is a national nature reserve owned by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority. It is located in the north of Pembrokeshire, on the edge of Milford Haven estuary in Cardigan Bay near St. Milian’s Head.

Penmon Lake and the surrounding moorland are designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

7. Antalya, Turkey

This city boasts miles of beautiful coastline and is located near a very popular tourist destination—the ancient ruins found in the Mediterranean capital city of Istanbul.

Antalya is a port on the southern coast of Turkey. It is located on the western edge of Anatolia, in the southeastern part of the Mediterranean. The city has a population of over 1 million people, but more than 3 million visits every year from around the world to enjoy its beaches and local attractions.

It’s perfect for summer vacation because it is very close to Greece and Cyprus, so it’s easy to spend some days there and in Antalya. This is a good place to start your journey through Turkey.

To get there from Istanbul, the easiest way is to fly to Antalya Airport (AYT). The scenery during the trip from Istanbul was beautiful.

Antalya is a modern city and has many areas to see. It’s easy to move around town because it’s small; the busses are clean and very comfortable, just like in Turkey. Taxis are also convenient here.

You can have a great time in Antalya, it has good restaurants and lots of cafes with a nice view.

The Antalya Aquarium is a good place to start your visit to the city. Has around 30 different kinds of sea species and they take care of them properly.

On the other side of the wall, there is a sea turtle farm. Turkey is famous for its turtle farms. Only here you can find turtles of many different species, they have a very large pool with fresh water and a beach where you can swim with them.

You can feed them some food or pet them on their backs or heads.

8. Bruges, Belgium

This city is also known as “The Venice of the North” and features a medieval city center and beautiful canals. Just be sure that you’re comfortable with navigating using only bicycles as a means of transportation—no cars allowed!

Bruges, Belgium is one of the most magical cities in Europe. This Belgian “Venice of the North” has buildings from a number of different centuries and periods that invite visitors to explore where few tourists have gone before and get lost in its medieval canals.

What makes Bruges such an enchanting destination is its Old Town, which was named UNESCO World Heritage Site because it represents a wonderful example of a well-preserved medieval city. What’s more is that the historical center of Bruges is unspoiled and untouched by modern-day life, thus offering tourists a truly authentic European city.

In addition to its historic appeal, something that makes Bruges one of the most popular destinations in all of Europe is its charm. This city seems surprisingly new and fresh despite its history. One of the main reasons is because the city has been so carefully preserved that it is hard to tell that it’s an ancient city.

Bruges also offers a variety of unique and unforgettable experiences including art galleries, museums, churches, bars, restaurants, and chocolate shops. The combination of beautiful architecture and vibrant culture makes this destination very appealing for couples who want to visit somewhere romantic that will offer them plenty to do throughout their stay.

9. Lofoten Islands, Norway

This destination is ideal for those who want to get out in nature. The area offers seclusion, so you’re guaranteed to have a relaxing getaway.

If you’re looking for a destination that will satisfy your hunger for both adventure and comfort, then head to the Lofoten Islands, Norway.
The Lofoten Islands are located in the Arctic Circle and are a perfect location for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

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This part of Norway offers stunning scenery, many activities, and overall rich culture. You’ll be able to look into the water and see whales swimming by or spend time working on your tan at one of the sunbathing beaches.

As you tour around the islands, you’ll discover that Norway provides a variety of lodging options for every budget. Whether you choose to stay in a hotel, cabin, or self-catering accommodation, there is something for everyone.

The whole country is covered with a light snow cover which makes the air cleaner than other parts of Norway. This means that the air quality is excellent and clean and not congested at all.

Norway is a country that never sleeps and you can be sure to see people everywhere, walking their dogs in the streets, riding bikes down the street, and out on their kayaks in the water. You’ll also be able to see how traditional Norway life still remains today by seeing how they go about their everyday lives.

Aside from these activities, there are numerous places that are perfect for strolling as well.

10. Prague, Czech Republic

Located in the heart of Europe and surrounded by the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia, this is one of the most beautiful cities in all of that region.

If you’re looking for a picturesque city in Europe that’s often referred to as “The Paris of the East,” look no further than Prague, Czech Republic. This historic city is home to a whopping 113 churches, numerous theatres, and galleries, beautiful architecture — including the famous Charles Bridge — and rich history. A helpful perk for travelers is its central location within Europe, making it easily accessible year-round. And while Prague has a strong culture of living arts, its nightlife and restaurants are equally as impressive.

Prague is a hub for culture, art, and history. Not to mention, it hosts one of the world’s oldest architectural styles – Baroque – which is most noticeable in the district of Mala Strana.

The National Museum features many different works including religious artifacts, maps, and historical items that tell the story of Prague’s rich history. The Museum of Decorative Arts is a great place to check out the city’s handicrafts, lacework, and pottery pieces. The Prague Circus Theatre has a performance of “Beauty and the Beast” on Saturday, May 26 at 7:00 PM.

Other museums in Prague include the Dům umění and Vyšehrad. These three buildings are evenly spaced along the Malá Strana riverfront and all feature wonderful architecture. The Plynární is one of Prague’s most popular spots to see wine-tasting — bringing in more than 210,000 visitors annually.

With more than 26km of sidewalk and cobblestone streets, Prague is a great place to grab some local treats. Some of the best food to be found in Prague is available at Vydří. It’s a historic bakery in the middle of Malá Strana and offers freshly baked bread, pastries, and other snacks made daily. If you’re looking for something more formal, visit the Cafe Slavia located at Malostranské náměstí (St. Nicholas Square).

These are our recommended places and we know our earth is full of endless beautiful places with each offering a unique experience. Share with us in the comment which has been your best and places you recommend.

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