Optimizing Performance on and off the Field: Marcus Stoinis’ Customized Low-Carb Diet Journey

Published on November 2, 2023, 11:01 am

Optimizing Performance on and off the Field: Marcus Stoinis’ Customized Low-Carb Diet Journey

Australian all-rounder Marcus Stoinis is going the extra mile to ensure he maintains a strict and healthy diet during the ongoing ICC ODI World Cup in India. A fitness enthusiast, Stoinis has enlisted the help of Mumbai-born chef Velton Saldanha to accompany him on his journey and prepare meals for him.

Stoinis follows a ketogenic diet, which consists of high-fat and low-carb foods. One of his favorite dishes is baked oats infused with protein. Saldanha, who is trained in French cuisine, travels with Stoinis and cooks meals for him using the team’s hotel kitchens.

This dietary choice was inspired by some of the Indian players who also follow similar diets. Stoinis explains that he has always been strict with his food intake as part of his preparation for matches.

While the Australian team has its own chef who oversees food preparation, Stoinis decided to go one step further to optimize his performance. He now enjoys gluten-free banana bread, shepherd’s pie with roasted cauliflower mash, and even a roast butter chicken—a fusion of Saldanha’s French training and Indian heritage.

Stoinis mainly relies on baked oats as a source of carbohydrates in his diet. In fact, by the end of the World Cup, Saldanha might be able to create a standalone dish named after Stoinis called “Stoinis Oats.”

Stoinis first met Saldanha during this year’s Indian Premier League on the recommendation of his Lucknow Supergiants teammate KL Rahul. Saldanha is known for founding Mumbai’s Chutney Collective during the COVID-19 pandemic and has previously worked in fine-dining restaurants in Chicago and New York.

Despite some inconsistencies in his performance during this tournament due to injury concerns, Stoinis remains committed to improving himself both on and off the field. He believes that investing in himself and creating a comfortable environment for his well-being is essential for his cricketing career.

Stoinis considers hiring a personal chef as a worthwhile investment, emphasizing that it allows him to have control over his diet and overall performance. He also mentions that he would be willing to invest in other aspects of his game, such as a batting coach or sports psychologist.

This dedication to maintaining an optimal diet and environment while on the road reflects Stoinis’ ambition to play at the highest level for as long as possible. Despite the challenges of traveling and being away from home comforts, he remains focused and committed to achieving his goals.

In conclusion, Marcus Stoinis’ partnership with chef Velton Saldanha highlights the importance of dietary discipline and self-investment in professional sports. By adhering to a customized low-carb diet during the World Cup, Stoinis aims to maximize his performance and physical well-being. This approach serves as an inspiration for athletes seeking ways to enhance their abilities through disciplined lifestyle choices.