Kelly Clarkson’s Rapid Weight Loss Raises Concerns about Health

Published on November 14, 2023, 12:45 am

Kelly Clarkson’s Rapid Weight Loss Raises Concerns about Health

American singer and television personality Kelly Clarkson has recently made headlines for reportedly losing an impressive 60 pounds in just a few months. While this may sound like a remarkable achievement, concerns have been raised about the methods she’s been using to shed the weight and the toll it might be taking on her health.

According to an insider who spoke to the National Enquirer, Clarkson’s strict diet has left her friends worried. “She’s hardly eating. There’s a reason she’s lost so much weight so quickly — and it seems to be making her sick,” revealed the source. The 41-year-old is said to be constantly tired, complaining of stomach issues, and even experiencing dizzy spells. Given that Clarkson already suffers from an unspecified autoimmune disorder and thyroid problem, friends are concerned that depriving herself further could exacerbate these health issues.

Speculation has arisen among her fans regarding the possibility of Clarkson trying out Hollywood’s latest diet trend, known as Ozempic. Many celebrities such as Sharon Osbourne and Amy Schumer have confessed to using this weight-reducing shot. However, since Clarkson has remained tight-lipped about her weight-loss techniques, this assumption remains unconfirmed.

“The last thing she should be doing is starving herself when she already has health issues,” says the insider. It seems that Clarkson’s once healthy appetite has diminished significantly since beginning her weight-loss journey. Even during sit-down lunches, all she orders now is a small salad- if anything at all.

This drastic transformation can be attributed to her desire to regain confidence after finalizing her divorce from Brandon Blackstock last year. Looking to reduce her waistline and re-enter the dating scene motivated Clarkson to embark on this extensive weight-loss journey.

Initially, everyone supported her decision to go on a diet because it was understandable that she wanted to feel her best. However, as time went on, it became evident that Clarkson was going overboard with her approach and showed no signs of slowing down. “It’s like she’s addicted to losing weight!” exclaims the source.

Sources close to Clarkson have also claimed that she had originally set a goal to lose a total of 50 pounds by fall. However, it appears that she has already surpassed this target, having lost an impressive 15 pounds in July alone.

While it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of individuals who achieve their weight-loss goals, it is equally crucial to prioritize one’s overall health and well-being throughout the process. Losing weight should always be approached with care, especially for those who already have underlying health conditions.

Friends and fans alike hope that Clarkson will take these concerns into consideration and find a balance between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and achieving her desired weight. It is essential that she prioritizes her well-being and consults with medical professionals or nutritionists to ensure that her weight-loss journey does not compromise her health further.