Becka Gill: From Binge Eating Disorder to Weight Loss Success

Published on November 5, 2023, 12:58 am

Becka Gill: From Binge Eating Disorder to Weight Loss Success

Becka Gill’s weight loss journey is nothing short of incredible. At her heaviest, she weighed 269 pounds, and the toll it took on her mental and physical health was devastating. But now, after shedding over 100 pounds, she stands tall and proud.

Gill’s struggle with food started at a young age. She would hide food wrappers from her parents and continue these negative habits even when she moved out on her own as an adult. It wasn’t until a few years ago that she realized something was wrong and sought help.

In September 2020, Gill was diagnosed with binge eating disorder (BED), a serious eating disorder that affects approximately 2.8 percent of American adults during their lifetime. People with BED experience recurring episodes of compulsive eating and a loss of control, often consuming large amounts of food in one sitting. They feel as if they are unable to stop and frequently deal with feelings of shame and guilt afterward.

For Gill, the trigger for her binges was often anxiety, but she also struggled with restrictive days where she would starve herself as punishment. Her mental health suffered greatly, and her weight made her depressed to the point where she couldn’t even touch her own body without feeling immense sadness.

Determined to improve her quality of life, Gill reached out to a doctor and worked with a therapist for 18 months to rebuild a healthier relationship with food and herself. She had to unlearn bad habits, adopt new strategies, and develop healthier routines.

In July 2022, Gill made the decision to undergo gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey. This keyhole surgery helped her achieve her dream body, and she now weighs 167 pounds. While some may believe that surgery is an easy way out, Gill knows the mental battle she faced every day before making this choice. She had tried countless fad diets without success and ultimately wanted to feel comfortable in her own skin.

Gill has documented her weight-loss journey online, inspiring millions of people with her progress. She emphasizes the importance of taking a slow and steady approach to weight loss, as losing one to two pounds per week is more likely to result in long-term success.

Now, Gill feels like she has been given a new lease on life. She describes herself as truly happy and authentically herself. The weight that once burdened her has been lifted off her shoulders, both literally and figuratively. She enjoys life again, goes out, and has fun. She feels like a better version of herself.

Gill’s story is a testament to the power of seeking help, finding support, and never giving up on your journey towards better health and happiness.