Balancing Health and Adventure: The Inspiring Journey of Sian Saitonik, Outdoor Enthusiast and Marathon Runner

Published on November 2, 2023, 11:02 am

Balancing Health and Adventure: The Inspiring Journey of Sian Saitonik, Outdoor Enthusiast and Marathon Runner

Sian Saitonik: An Outdoor Enthusiast and Marathon Runner on Balancing Health and Adventure

Sian Saitonik is a woman of many talents. Not only is she an outdoor enthusiast, sports tourist, and marathon and ultra-runner, but she also has more than eight years of experience as the DStv Marketing Manager. Her passion for fitness and adventure shines through in both her personal and professional life.

Growing up in Nakuru, Kenya, Sian was fortunate to have a father who exposed her to various opportunities and experiences that went beyond their Maasai traditions. From her father teaching her how to ride a bike to taking her and her siblings out on weekends, Sian developed a love for the outdoors from an early age.

As a mother, Sian faced the challenge of losing the extra baby weight she had gained. It was then that she turned to marathons as a way to shed the pounds. In addition to running, Sian embraces a holistic approach to health by cycling, hiking, practicing yoga, and working out at the gym. She even joined a group that cycles to neighboring countries in preparation for marathons.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy diet while training for races, Sian takes proactive measures to avoid unhealthy eating temptations. She meal preps for the entire week in advance to ensure she makes smart food choices that support her fitness goals.

While some may wonder why Sian chose marathons instead of following popular diets like keto or paleo, she firmly believes that diets are not sustainable in the long run. Abstaining from carbohydrates indefinitely is not something she finds realistic or enjoyable. Instead, participating in marathons allows her to find balance and work on both her physical and mental well-being.

Beyond her career in marketing and passion for fitness, Sian has also delved into entrepreneurship. She sells fragrances and offers scriptwriting services on the side, leveraging her marketing background to negotiate better rates and persuade clients to purchase her products.

Sian’s zest for life has been intensified by a personal experience that shifted her perspective. Having survived a terrorist attack in Nairobi in 2019, she now lives each day as if there is no tomorrow. This outlook has made her more present-focused, living in the moment and cherishing every opportunity that comes her way.

As Sian continues to juggle her professional responsibilities with her personal pursuits, she remains dedicated to giving her best in all aspects of life. Whether it’s running marathons, planning investments, or managing entrepreneurial ventures, she hustles hard to ensure success.

With a love for travel and adventure, Sian considers Instagram as her own personal photobook. She stays connected with fellow travel enthusiasts and keeps up with trends and experiences shared on the platform.

In addition to balancing her career and hobbies, Sian takes pride in being a mother to her 12-year-old child. The experience of becoming a mom at an early age taught her valuable lessons in grace, empathy, and patience. It also made her more mindful of the decisions she makes since they directly impact her child’s life.

As Sian’s journey continues, she looks forward to future adventures and challenges. Her dedication to health, fitness, and personal growth serve as an inspiration to others striving for balance in their own lives.

Whether it’s conquering marathons or excelling in marketing, Sian Saitonik proves that with determination and passion, anything is possible – making the most out of each day while leaving no opportunity unexplored.