Published on November 15, 2023, 12:58 am

Brandi Mallory, who gained fame for her appearance on the ABC reality series Extreme Weight Loss, has sadly passed away at the age of 40. The news of her death was confirmed by a representative from the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office in Georgia. Mallory, who was a talented make-up artist, died on November 9, 2023, in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

The cause of Mallory’s death has not yet been disclosed to the public. Her passing has left her fans and fellow contestants from Extreme Weight Loss devastated. Kim Williams Maxile, another contestant from season 5, took to Instagram to pay tribute to her friend. She shared heartfelt videos of the two of them together and expressed her sorrow by writing, “[hearts intertwined emoji] Rest in Love sis. To my fellow Extreme Weight Loss @extweightloss sis, @brandimallory you will be missed.”

Maxile also reminisced about their time together during boot camp and how Mallory’s journey on the show inspired them both to keep going. They bonded over their shared experiences as pageant contestants and make-up artists. Despite never having met in person until years later, their connection grew into a sisterhood that only a select few know from their time on the show and beyond.

Mallory’s impact went beyond her appearance on Extreme Weight Loss. She made lasting friendships with her co-stars and connected deeply with those who followed her journey. Maxile further expressed their closeness by saying, “We finally met in person a few years later when you came to spend time with me in Cali and it was like we’ve known each other our whole life! Girl, I enjoyed our weekend and we just stayed up for 3 days talking about everything.”

Mallory had a profound passion for body positivity and was seen as an inspiration through her zest for life. Maxile acknowledged this by stating how blessed she felt to have known Mallory and experienced her presence in the world. She concluded her tribute by saying, “Love you so much sis.”

In a previous interview with Atlanta journalist Kirby Carroll, Mallory shared that the tragic death of one of her sorority sisters at the age of 29 was a wake-up call for her to focus on her own health. She spoke honestly about the fear she felt regarding her weight and how it motivated her to make a change. Mallory candidly stated, “I was literally waking up every day like… this may be my last day waking up, like, I don’t know what’s going to happen for me.” This realization compelled her to take action and prioritize her well-being.

At her heaviest, Mallory weighed around 329 pounds. Through determination and hard work, she managed to transform not only her physical appearance but also how she approached life. Her story resonated with many who saw themselves in her struggles and triumphs.

Brandi Mallory’s funeral is scheduled to take place on Monday, November 20 in Georgia, according to her obituary. Her memory will live on through the impact she made on others during her time on Extreme Weight Loss and beyond.

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