Nadine Caridi

Nadine Caridi: Inside the life of Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife

Who is Nadine Caridi?

Models get popularity eventually in their career, yet for Nadine Caridi, notoriety came after wedding Jordan Belfort, the motivation behind the film, The Wolf of Wall Street.

Her association with Jordan Belfort was one that few young ladies her time would appreciate from a far distance. Nonetheless, the sparkling sovereign that was Nadine Caridi in broad daylight did not have a happy marriage in private.

It took Belfort’s short detainment for Nadine Caridi to escape the case of a miserable marriage and recover her bliss. We should show you all you need to think about the Marriage and Family Therapist, Nadine Caridi, who needed to stop her marriage.

Quick facts about Nadine Caridi

  • Name: Nadine Caridi
  • Nationality: British
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 57
  • Famous For: Being the ex-wife of Jordan Belfort, a popular stockbroker
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Present Husband: John Macaluso
  • Net worth: $5 million
  • Height: 5′ 8″ (178 cm)
  • Weight: 121 lbs (55kg)
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

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Early life and schooling

Nadine Caridi, referred to numerous as the Duchess of Bay Ridge, was brought into the world in London, England, on 6 November 1962 and held both British and American identities.

Caridi’s folks moved to Brooklyn, New York, US, when she was only a child, and she spent her whole adolescence there. She doesn’t speak much about her folks, so we don’t have anything about them.

In the interim, Nadine Caridi went to John Dewey High School in Brooklyn and went to Pacifica Graduate Institute for a Masters in Clinical Psychology. She got her Ph.D. in 2015.

Since Nadine got her Ph.D., she’s been functioning as a marriage mentor and family specialist. By and bypassing by the name, Dr. Nadine Macaluso.

Physical Appearence

Nadine is 56 years of age, has long light hair, blue eyes, 5ft 8ins (1.78m) tall, and weighs around 142lbs (64kg), with fundamental insights 36-30-37, and she wears shoe size seven.

Career As a Model

Nadine Caridi began her Modeling vocation when she turned into the banner young lady of “Mill operator Lite” brew. From that point onward, she turned into somewhat celebrated in the fashion world.

She, at that point, showed up in different public missions. Yet, she wasn’t half acclaimed as she became after she began engaging in extramarital relations with the famous street pharmacist, Jordan Belfort.

Her distinction didn’t get her much agreement, neither did it advance her demonstrating profession. She wound up turning into a spouse who was famously known and showed up in the news.

Her career ended as a model when she wedded Belfort.

Nadine Caridi and Jordan Belfort

Nadine Caridi and her ex-husband Jordan Belfort
Nadine Caridi and her ex-husband Jordan Belfort

Nadine Caridi met Jordan Belfort during one of Belfort’s gatherings.

Her boyfriend was a business visionary and an American expert race driver who acquainted Caridi with Belfort.

Jordan Belfort was very popular for his various clubbing and parties loaded up with young ladies, drugs, and liquor. Even though Belfort was hitched to Denise Lombardo, he was very pulled into Nadine and, a couple of years after the fact, grabbed Nadine Caridi.

Jordan separated from his past spouse Denise and got hitched to Nadine in 1991. Jordan was a voyager, and he caused Nadine to stop her modeling. Before their split and the detainment of Jordan, they had two youngsters together, Chandler and Cater.

Nadine Caridi with her children
Nadine Caridi with her children

The Yacht Named Nadine

It turned into a subject of public interest when Jordan purchased a rich yacht for Nadine Caridi, his significant other, and named it after her as “Nadine.”

Nadine’s Yatch gifted by her ex-husband Jordan Belfort

In June 1996, the Yacht sank in the ocean.

This incident brought a ton of debates and spotlight on the existence of Caridi and Belfort. Around then, they were regularly in the news because there was an insight that Belfort was engaged with obscure and dubious arrangements and organizations. This prompted an examination by the specialists.

The examination by the public authority continued two or three years, and Belfort was at long last captured. He got a jail sentence for a very long time.

This all occurred in 2003. Notwithstanding, Belfort just went through a year and ten months in prison before his release.

His initial delivery was based on waiting on the post-trial process for acceptable conduct in the bigger society.

Nadine Caridi Incident of Domestic Violence

After his release, Belfort returned to his family and spouse, Nadine.

With the seizure and seizure of the majority of his properties and resources, he was baffled. This occurrence carried another stage in his life.

He began drinking and ingesting medications to the degree of getting dependent on different complex medications.

Notwithstanding his dependence on liquor and medications, Belfort began having illicit relationships with different ladies.

Nadine Caridi couldn’t do much as Belfort truly maltreated her. Scarcely any months under the shadow of a dependent and savage spouse, Caridi, at last, chose to get a separation in 2005.

Life After Divorcing Jordan Belfort

Facing everyday life after partition with Jordan was an extraordinary alleviation for the previous model.

Scarcely any months living with Jordan as a victimizer left her sore; however, she before long discovered her way back into another relationship.

After her separation, Caridi began dating again and ultimately remarried.

This opportunity to the previous CEO of Wizard World, John Macaluso, an ex-business person, still has shares in the organization worth around $8 million.

Nadine Caridi and her husband John Macaluso
Nadine Caridi and her husband John Macaluso

The age hole between the two was large, but it represented no issue to their marriage.

Nadine is 22 years younger than John Macaluso. They don’t have children altogether, yet Macaluso has three girls from his first marriage.

The Memoir of Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street

Let blue and be, Belfort, tidied himself and quit life as a drunkard. He looked into recovery as someone who is addicted and was before long out. Following that, he finished the existence of a stockbroker.

Belfort, at that point, went on to do another surprising thing during his prime.

He created and delivered his diary named “The Wolf of Wall Street.” In 2007 the journal was changed over into a film of which held a similar title.

The Wolf of Wall Street was released on 25 September 2007 and depended on the genuine biography of Jordan Belfort.

The film featured Leonardo DiCaprio as Belfort and Margot Robbie as Caridi and turned into a triumph. It won a few honors and is presumably perhaps the best film of that period.

Nadine’s interests and most loved things

Nadine discussed her favorite things during an interview. Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock are her favorite watch out. Red is her favorite color, and her dream destination is Switzerland.

She has numerous hobbies, which incorporate artwork, cooking, traveling, and painting, while her number one food is Italian.

Net Worth

Definitive sources gauge Nadine’s total assets to be around $5 million, most of which she has acquired from her career as a therapist.

Social media presence

Nadine has her own site on which she offers her therapist advice. She is active in her Instagram account, followed by almost 9k followers.

She generally distributes pictures with persuasive statements, and many individuals have guaranteed that Nadine has assisted them with their issues.

She is additionally dynamic on her Twitter account, which she opened in June 2012. S. However, she has under 1,000 followers and around 1,000 tweets.


As of now, Nadine is having her best days with her husband. He is a retired person worth around 15 million dollars.

The two don’t have children together yet are happy with their five kids from various mates.

We are positive that things will stay this tranquil for the couple.

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