Marshall Trenkmann: Karla Souza’s husband

Who is Marshall Trenkmann?

Marshall Trenkmann was born in Texas, USA. His actual date and place of birth have not been disclosed, so his current age is unknown.

Although he is a banker, perhaps the best known to the media is that he is the husband of Karla Souza.

Karla Sousa is a famous Mexican actress. The most famous is the role of Laurel Castillo in the ABC legal drama “How to Avoid Murder.”

Do you want to learn more about Marshall Trenkmann’s professional and personal life? How rich is he now? If you are interested.

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Early Years of Marshall Trenkmann

As far as his early years are concerned, there is no information about him in the media except that he grew up somewhere in Texas.

After graduating from high school, Marshall entered Texas A&M University with a bachelor’s degree, continued to study there, and soon obtained a master’s degree.

He also studied Spanish and Latin America.

Career of Marshall Trenkmann

Marshall started his business career, and his academic qualifications helped him quickly climb the ladder of success.

He was initially the head of the credit department of CIB LATAM in Mexico City. Before returning to Texas, he also worked with other Mexican companies.

Then, Marshall worked in the CIB oil and gas credit department in Houston, Texas, adding to his wealth.

Relationship with Karla Souza

Marshall Trenkmann and his wife Karla Souza
Marshall Trenkmann and his wife Karla Souza during their wedding

As far as participation in the entertainment industry, Marshall Trenkmann gained great popularity through his marriage to Karla Souza.

The couple met while working in Mexico and soon began dating.

After getting engaged in December 2013, the couple finally got married. In May 2014, at a private ceremony held at the Hacienda Vista Hermosa estate in Tekesquitengo, Mexico.

On her official Instagram account, Karla announced that she gave birth to her first child, Gianna Trenkmann, in April 2018.


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The couple now lives in Los Angeles, California.

Recent Days of Marshall Trenkmann

In recent years, after Marshall Trenkmann got married and settled in Los Angeles, California, he was hired as the credit risk director of JP Morgan.

Based on his CIB oil and gas credit department experience, he was hired as a credit risk director at JP Morgan, a finance and investment company.

He is also known as a member of the board of directors of the Central Theater Group. His wife recently announced that they plan to make a movie, and Marshall has decided to try as a producer.

Net Worth of Marshall Trenkmann

He is a businessman and entered the entertainment industry after marrying a famous actress.

According to his authoritative information, his net worth has accumulated more than $5 million in his successful career.

As his career develops, there is no doubt that the wealth will grow in the next few years.

Marshall in social media

Marshall Trenkmann on social media. Although many people in the entertainment industry are active on the most popular social media platforms, Marshall is not one of them.

Karol sometimes shares his photo through her Instagram. He is eager to keep his privacy confidential and likes to spend quality time with his family instead of posting various scenes on social media. He also likes fishing.

Brief about Karla

Karla was born in Mexico City in December 1985. She spent her childhood in Aspen, Colorado, and studied drama at the Centre for Art Education established in Mexico City (Texas Vivisa).

Karla made her debut as a child actress in 1993 in the TV series “Aspen Extreme” as Kimberly.

After returning from London in 2008, she officially started her professional acting career.

The following year, she decided to play “Summer Love,” which was her breakthrough.

She has starred in Los Héroes Del Norte (2010-2011) and the romantic comedy TV series De Prada a Nada (2011).

Her next roles were Roxana Robledo in the crime comedy “Suave Patria” (2012). For this, she won the ACE Best New Actress Award.

Most recently, it was announced that she would be seen in “The Jesuit,” “Crossbow,” and “Jacob’s Ladder.”

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