Laticia Lee Rolle is an American fashion designer, model, and intrapreneur known widely for her blog BluHazl. Her blogs suggest tips on fashion, diet, and lifestyle.

She came into the media’s limelight after she started dating basketball legend Shaquille O’ Neal. In her early days of being Shaq’s girlfriend, Laticia gathered a lot of attention but people only knew her as his girlfriend.

Many people might be curious about Laticia and what she has been up to these days. 

Here is what you need to know about Laticia Lee Rolle.

Laticia Rolle: Birth, Age, and Childhood

Laticia Lee Rolle was born on February 11, 1998, in Massachusetts, United States. She spent her childhood days with her four siblings: Gisemi Rolle, Xavier Rolle, and two Sisters: D’Ana Rolle, Elijah Rolle. 

Being born in a big family of multiple siblings, Laticia had a lot of beautiful moments and some occasional arguments with her siblings.

Laticia and her siblings spent most of their childhood together. They have the strongest of bonds. Even now, Laticia and D’Ana are working together for their blog, which is a huge success. 

Life was hell-bent for Laticia & her family when her dad got injured and eventually got sacked at his workplace. Laticia was ten at the time and had to go through some difficulties.  

As a child, Laticia was full of energy and was always active in sports, along with her siblings. Her father used to encourage them to be athletic. Laticia was very much interested in basketball since her young years. Her father pushed her and her siblings into sports and used to practice with them at home.

Laticia Rolle: Personality traits

Laticia is a confident woman who shows so much confidence in her work. She loves empowering women through her entrepreneurship strategies, leadership, and sharing her thoughts about various things.

She also shared her love for basketball and played in her schooling years. 

This beautiful brunette is of American nationality and also of mixed ethnicity. She has amazing blue eyes and curly hair.

Laticia Rolle is 32 years old as of today and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. This beautiful lifestyle diva stands tall with a height of 5 feet and 6 inches. And she has a healthy body weight.

Besides being a blogger, Laticia is also a model and she maintains her gorgeous physique following strict diets and working out regularly.

These days, Laticia is pretty much occupied with her blog on which she shares daily contents on womanhood and sisterhood. Her blog BluHazl has its shopping page where you can buy trendy outfits.

Laticia Rolle: Education

Laticia was very talented in her student years. She was a very energetic and quick learner and excelled in both studies and sports in her childhood.

Laticia completed her primary education from a local school near her home and attended Eckerd college during senior high school. She later participated in Worcester Academy in Massachusetts to complete her high school education. 

Laticia was very passionate about basketball since her childhood. And her father supported her as much as he could and even practiced with her at home. She was doing great in basketball in her high school years playing local tournaments. Following her impressive performance in some local games, she was later selected in Worcester’s basketball team during her senior years. 

She netted her season-high with 12 points as a guard on November 15, 2008. Later she was eventually named MVP Player of her team before graduating from Worcester Academy.

Laticia was later enrolled in Eckerd University in 2010, where she completed her degree in Business Communication and Management from.

Laticia Rolle: Family

Laticia’s father, Alverez Fredrick, was a hardworking man. At one point, he had struggled to feed his big family after he got injured at his workplace.

Alvarez Fredrik was a proud father of five. He always supported all of his children in their decisions and loved spending time with his children.

Raising five kids and running a household was hard work for Laticia’s mother, Nancy Lee Rolle. She loved all her children unconditionally and always supported her family as much as she could.

Growing up with a big family had its pros. There was always someone to help you or play with. This created a hard bond between the siblings.

Laticia is still very close to her family, especially with her younger sister D’Ana Rolle. Together, sisters own a lifestyle blog BluHazl which has a large fanbase that offers information ranging from fashion to fitness and also dietary plans, cultures, and travels. 

Laticia Rolle: Career

Laticia never really went on to be a pro basketball player after her graduation. Her interest shifted towards business and modeling later in her life.

Her other works include advertisement, endorsement, and so on.

Later, Laticia, along with her sister, started writing a blog where they started giving professional tips to female readers on nutrition, lifestyle, fashion, and health-related products. Their blog mostly focuses on women and how they could live a healthy and happy life.

Sooner the sister’s blogging started to gain popularity and get traffic online. This led to thousands of subscribers. This generated a great income for the sisters and made them quite famous online. 

Later, Laticia also gained fame in modeling. These days, she has taken her modeling career to Instagram, where she has gained a more extensive and impressive number of followers. She has used the platform to advertise her blog as well.

As a model, Laticia has worked as a face for many known brands and companies. She has traveled to exotic locations around the globe, including South Africa and Costa Rica. Her success has given her a lot of recognition in both modeling and blogging.

Recently, Laticia has been promoting brands like Shelby Gordon, RAW Bronzing Studio, South Moon Under, The Frye Company, Hudson Jeans, Chinese Laundry, and many others. 

Later she authored a book called ‘Girl. You Got This: The Glow Up Guide to Loving Yourself and Your Tribe’. The book is priced $8.99 for Kindle and ($9.86 – $13.99) for Paperback on Amazon.

Laticia has her own podcast where she holds talks about women.

She is also a founder of a clothing brand.

Laticia Rolle: Relationships

Previous relationships of Laticia Rolle before Shaquille O’ Neal are unknown to the public. She never discloses that kind of information to the media.

We are all aware of her relationship with Shaq. Because of Shaquille O’ Neal’s unimaginable fame, the whole of America pondered to know about Laticia. This gave Laticia’s modeling career some recognition and raised her to different heights of fame.

The couple met in 2014 when Laticia was working in Tampa, Florida as a hostess in a bar called Ceviche.  Soon after, they started dating and were head over heels for each other.

After some time of their relationship, rumors about the couple’s engagement surfaced on the internet, when Laticia shared a photo of her hand with a massive ring on her finger.

She later removed the picture from her Instagram account that raised speculations that the couple had called off their engagement. There was no confirmation of them being together for a while.

According to sources, the couple broke up in 2018. It is reported that Shaquille called it quits after Laticia’s birthday on February 11, 2018. The breakup left a lot of questions and it also caused pain to Laticia.

Laticia had a tough time moving on from the breakup. She even shaded Shaq on some of her Instagram posts. In one  of her posts, she said:

‘Book a ticket and leave- is exactly what I did, and I’m forever grateful for this decision. For the first time in a long time, I felt free.’

Later on, the pair completely parted their ways and moved on. Shaq has been reportedly dating an actress named Annie Ilonzeh. There is a 10-year age gap between the pair.

There is no news of Laticia being in any relationship. She seems to be taking some time off from the dating scene. In a podcast, talking about dealing with toxic relationships, Laticia revealed some insights into her relationship with Shaq. said;

“I’ve dealt with men cheating a lot. And now when i look back for this healing, I am like what is wrong, why are you with men that cheat on you? When I stayed, it was because I was scared because I was like what am I gonna do, where am I gonna go, I have to start over again.”

It is evident that Laticia had to go through a lot in her relationship. We wish she never has to go through the same ever again.

Laticia Rolle: Networth

Laticia Lee Rolle has an estimated net worth of $2 million, according to a survey carried out in 2019. She has accumulated this impressive amount of money from modeling, blogging, advertisement, and also Instagram. 

This fashion designer, model, entrepreneur, blogger, and the awe-inspiring diva, has successfully managed to provide her and her sister an amazing lifestyle. 

She gets paid around $67 thousand per annum through her contracts with big companies and adds a few sums of dollars through her blogging. 

Laticia Rolle: Instagram account 

Laticia has been quite active on her Instagram page. She has frequently taken this platform to give notice of her blogging to her vast audience.

We can say that Laticia is now an Insta-model as well. Her account name on Instagram is Laticia.rolle and has a staggering number of followers, which counts up to 35.2k.

Looking at her Instagram page, we can see that she loves to travel to exotic places and spend time on the beaches with her loved ones. She never hesitates to show off her beautiful figure and amazing lifestyle to her followers.