General Motors has recalled 83,752 SUVS and trucks due to faulty ignition that may lead to vehicle getting stalled and airbags failure to deploy in the event of crash. The models recalled are 2011-12 Chevrolet Silverado HDs, Tahoes, Suburbans, Silverado LDs, Avalanches; GMC Sierra LDs, Yukons, Yukon XLs; and Cadillac Escalades, including EXT and ESV versions. 2007-2014 vehicles are possibly to be included, too.

The faulty ignitions issue was one of the major headaches of the company that it was looking to address for long.

GM’s statement to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mentioned: “The ignition lock actuator may bind, making turning the key difficult or causing the ignition to get stuck in the ‘start’ position. If stuck in the ‘start’ position, the ignition may suddenly snap back into the ‘accessory’ position, causing a loss of engine, steering, and braking power, increasing the risk of a vehicle crash. If the vehicle is in a crash, the air bags may not deploy, increasing the risk of occupant injury.”

It says that less than 500 vehicles might have the issue in them. It will notify the owners of vehicle and the dealers will inspect and replace the ignition lock housing free of charge if the fault is discovered. However, none of report has been known to GM that has been associated with the aforementioned faults.

GM has accepted to pay for more than 40 deaths from its “Victims Fund”. It is still facing several lawsuits and took a $2.5 billion charge against earnings for recall costs during the first half of the year.

It has recalled several other model mentioning “Due to an improper heat-treatment, the rear axle shaft may crack while the vehicle is being driven. If the rear axle shaft fractures, the rear wheel may separate from the axle shaft, increasing the risk of a crash.”

Some of the other recall reasons are hose clamp fault.


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