Shortage in hard disk space puts computer in lot of stress because of which you will see sluggish performance. You will not be able to add new programs, your programs will not work properly due to lack of space required for executing a command and much more. You will experience a slow and sluggish performance.
Fortunately Microsoft Operating System does come in with a utility tool called “Disk Cleanup”. The name says it all, “Disk Cleanup”, is a tool to clean up hard drive by deleting files. The tool analyzes and suggests you the unused data that has been unnecessarily consuming space. After you authorize the tool it deletes the unused files.

Steps for “Disk Cleanup”

1) Click start and type disk cleanup is the search box. “Disk cleanup” will appear in the menu. Left click on it.

2) A pop up will appear with (C:) by default. You can choose other drives by clicking on the drop down menu. Click ok after you have selected the drive.

3) A green progress bar that indicates “How much space you will be able to free on (selected drive)”. This takes a few minutes to finish.

4) The next screen shows you the amount of space you can clean from the drive. It gives you the brief description of the category of the files you will be deleting. All of them are optional so choose the ones you want to delete to save space. Hit “OK”.

5) A green progress bar appears that will show you the status of deletion. Once done the progress bar closes, automatically.

Note: Windows does not show any completion message however, you can check the drive space by clicking properties of the respective drive. You will notice increase in size.


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