Denise Lombardo, now 56 years old, is a woman of her own. She is a self-made professional who has a successful career in retail and real estate sales.

Denise is famously known as the ex-wife of the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ or the first wife of the famous stockbroker turned author/motivational speaker, Jordan Belfort.

Denise Lombardo doesn’t enjoy the spotlight that she has gotten as the ex-wife of Jordan and says that she isn’t proud of it.

After her divorce with Jordan, she has withdrawn herself from the public view, but for the public, they are still hungry for more information about her.

So for all of your hungry souls, I present you the life of Denise Lombardo:

Denise Lombardo: Childhood

Denise Lombardo was born on November 11, 1963, in Ohio, USA, to Italian parents, Anthony Fiorito and Ann Lombardo. She grew up with two sisters: Deanna and Lisa Scordato. She also had a brother named Paul.

She has American citizenship even though she was born to Italian parents, and her ethnic background is Caucasian white.

Since Denise was very private about her life and didn’t want to come to the limelight, she didn’t share any whereabouts of her parents’ job.

Denise Lombardo: Education

Denise was born in Ohio but spent most of her life in New York. She graduated from high school in New York. The name of the high school is not known.

In 1984, she acquired a degree in English Literature from Adelphi University.

Rumor has it that she joined Columbia University as well. There, she was a member of the Alpha Omicron Pi fraternity. Fraternities or sororities are social groups or organizations at college or universities which are joined by undergraduate students.

She completed her bachelor’s degree in Business administration in 1987 from Townson University, Maryland. She also obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from the same university in 1992.

According to some claims, Denise Lombardo had joined the course on merchandising and buying operations at the ‘Fashion Institute of Technology.’

Sources have it that she has a master’s degree in ‘Educational Leadership and Administration General’ from Australian Catholic University.

Denise Lombardo: Relationship

Denise met Jordan Belfort when she was in high school. She was studying merchandising, whereas; Jordan was just a door-to-door meat salesman. They fell in love and became high school sweethearts.

Denise married Jordan at his struggling phase in 1985. They got married in a ritual ceremony.  The whereabouts of the venue and cost of the wedding are not known.

Denise Lombardo Jordan Belfort
Denise Lombardo and Jordan Belfort

Denise and Jordan were on a financial crisis in the first phases of their marriage. Jordan even declared bankruptcy.

Denise supported him through thick and thin. She helped him in every possible way she could.

Jordan later got involved in the stock market business. Jordan and his business partner, Danny Porush, achieved financial success and bought Stratton Oakmont for $250,000. He earned $3 million within a year.

Denise Lombardo: Divorce

After achieving success, Jordan started attending high-end parties and having multiple affairs with women, which affected his marriage with Denise.

Denise and Jordan‘s relationship weakened after he was found having an affair with a British model, Nadine Caridi. Jordan met Nadine at a similar high-end party and was introduced by her boyfriend.

Jordan and Denise divorced in 1991 due to Jordan’s extramarital affair.

Denise was genuinely heartbroken. They did not have any children, but Denise did get her share from the divorce settlement. The amount is unknown, but coming from a wealthy stockbroker, we expect that it was a fat check.

After the divorce with Denise, Jordan married Nadine. He had two children with her: Carter Belfort and Chandler Belfort.

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In 1995, Jordan was charged with fraud and stock-market manipulation. He spent 22 months in prison.

This incident led to a downward twist in Belfort’s career as well as marriage. Thus, Nadine filed for divorce due to domestic violence and infidelity. She and Jordan divorced in 2005.

Jordan is now married to a businesswoman named Anne Koppe.

Denise Lombardo: The New Man

Denise also found her share of true love and married a guy named Mladly in 1994.

Denise Lombardo husband Mladly
Denise Lombardo husband Mladly

Mladly used to be Denise’s boyfriend before she met Jordan. Now, Denise and Mladly have a happy ending and live a private life in New York City.

She doesn’t have any children.

Denise Lombardo: Career

Denise is a woman who has fought through the financial crisis to help her family. She has put her education degree to use and worked in the sales department of Modern Medical Systems Company from 1993 to 2000.

She has also worked as a flooring specialist at the Home Depot Company from 2000 to 2010. Alongside this, she worked for Smith and Nephew Company from 2006 to 2008.

Some reports have it that she has also worked in sales at high-end fashion projects like Genny -Byblos, Blu Marine by Anna Molinari, Stefano Bravo, and Laurevan Shoe.

Denise has worked as a real estate agent since 2010.  After some time, she was issued a real estate license as well. Denise has built herself in the real estate business.

She became a real estate agent for Prudential Douglas Elliman Company (now Douglas Elliman).

She was also associated with the Southeast sales.

Denise Lombardo: Net Worth

Denise Lombardo has a net worth of $3 million, which comes from her career as a real estate agent and other multiple jobs she had in the past.

Her net worth also includes the money from the divorce settlement she received from her multi-millionaire ex-husband.

Denise Lombardo: Personality

She was a strong-headed person from the very beginning. Sure, she had to hide behind her ex-husband’s shadow, but she was an equally ambitious and highly intellectual person.

Her birth date, November 11, marks the zodiac of Scorpio.

Scorpio women tend to have a magnetic personality. They prefer to give their full attention to those who are willing to go deep with them.

This is precisely true in the case of Denise.  Remember how she stuck by Jordan in his hardest times and tried to help him.

They are one of the most sensitive people and emotionally intense, even though they may not openly express them every time.

In terms of career, Scorpio women are hard workers and goal-oriented.

Denise Lombardo is every bit of a hard worker who earned her way to the real estate business.

Denise Lombardo: Controversy

Apart from being the ex-wife of a stockbroker who was convicted of fraud and crimes, she hasn’t been a part of any controversy.

She was heartbroken after discovering her husband’s affairs and his lack of interest in her.

After that controversy, she has stayed quiet and has focused on her career. She didn’t even comment when Jordan Belfort was arrested.

Denise Lombardo: Social Media

As stated earlier, Denise Lombardo withdrew herself from the public view entirely after her divorce with Jordan. Currently, she doesn’t own any of the social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Denise Lombardo: Now

Even while she was heartbroken, Denise picked herself up and focused on her career.

It is believed that she lived in Naples, Florida, for some time since it was where her family and close friends lived. She needed support when she was left heartbroken by her ex-husband.

After her sister died, she became more emotionally devastated.

Amidst that, she did not lose hope in love, and now she is happily married to Mladly and is living a happy and peaceful life in New York.

Through her life story, we should learn that as a woman, we need to educate ourselves and focus on our careers.

Love deeply, but if something goes wrong, always put your educational degree to work. Don’t lose hope in life and love. Always keep on going where the wind takes you.

If there is anything you’d like to add or think I’ve missed, please feel free to comment below.

Denise Lombardo: Quick Facts

FULL NAMEDenise Lombardo
BIRTHDATENovember 11, 1963
AGE56 years old
PARENTSAnthony Fiorito and Ann Lombardo
SIBLINGSDeanna Lombardo, Lisa Scordato, Paul Lombardo
SPOUSEMladly (1994)

Jordan Belfort (1985-1991)

EDUCATION·         Bachelor degree in English Literature—Adelphi University in 1984

·         Bachelors of Science degree—Townson University

·         Bachelors degree in Business Administration—Townson University in 1987

·         Merchandising and Buying Operations course—Fashion Institute of Technology

·         Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Administration General – Australian Catholic University (source)


LANGUAGEItalian, German
CAREERReal Estate Agent
NET WORTH$3 million