Deborah Jennifer Stern, now 34 years old, is the middle child of the famous American Radio DJ, Howard Stern. Deborah is a woman who is educated but has struggled her way to her career as well as in relationships.

Deborah is a former American actress who, amidst the failures, has been able to rise, create her own identity, and create an empire on her name.

Life as a child of a celebrity isn’t as glamorous as you think it is. While we dream about every luxurious and designer clothes we may have had while being a child of famous people, sometimes we should acknowledge that fame may become toxic for the celebrity and their family.

Hop on the ride to know more about the life of the famous Howard Stern’s middle-child, Deborah Jennifer Stern.

Deborah Jennifer Stern: Childhood

Deborah Jennifer Stern was born on May 9, 1986, in New York, United States, to Howard Stern and Alison Berns.

She is the second daughter and has two sisters; the eldest one is Emily Beth Stern, born in 1983, and the youngest is Ashley Jade Stern, born in 1993.

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Her paternal grandparents are Ben Stern and Ray Stern.

Her parents are a product of the Hollywood culture. Her dad, Howard, is a famous American Radio DJ, television personality, and an author who is best known for his radio show ‘The Howard Stern Show.’

Deborah Jennifer Stern father Howard Stern
Deborah Jennifer Stern father Howard Stern on his famous Howard Stern Show

Whereas, her mother, Alison, is an American housewife and a former actress known for her role in ‘Private Parts’ (1997),  ‘Negligee,’ and ‘Underpants.’

Deborah’s parents met at Boston University through a mutual friend and began dating. They were college sweethearts.

Howard Stern was not just famous but also rich. But all riches don’t fulfill a person. So they decided to find love and get married.

Ex wife Alison Bern and Howard Stern
Ex-wife Alison Bern and Howard Stern

They married at Temple Ohabei Shalom in Brooklyn, Massachusetts, on June 4, 1978. They both were 24 years old.

But, marriage doesn’t always guarantee that the couple will be together until their last breath. When Deborah was just 13 years old, her parents decided to end their marriage.

After two decades of being together, they divorced in 2001 with a cordial divorce and settlement.

In the discussion about his divorce in an interview, Howard Stern said, “I was totally neurotic and sort of consumed with work. I took work as the most important thing and the only thing.”

Howard moved from their home that he shared with his wife in Old Westbury, New York, in 2001. He left Deborah and her sisters to stay with their mother in the beginning while he focused on his work.

Now. Howard Stern is married to Beth Ostrosky Stern, whereas; her mother is married to David Scott Simon.

Howard Stern and Wife Beth Stern
Howard Stern with his wife Beth Stern

Deborah Jennifer Stern: Education

Deborah Jennifer Stern has completed her Bachelor in Humanitarian services as well as has completed the Management Aptitude Test (M.A.T.) from the University of Chicago.

Instead of acting, she chose to study. She decided to get a Ph.D. in Reading, Writing, and Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania.

Deborah Jennifer Stern: Personality

The 6-foot-tall beauty was born on May 9, meaning she is a Taurus.

Taurus women are meant to be beauty-loving and sensual. They tend to embrace the more beautiful things in life and have a deep reverence for nature.

Based on these I know that Deborah is a woman of substance.

Deborah Jennifer Stern: Relationship

Deborah had problems with her sexuality and has been heard that she has trouble keeping a stable relationship due to her father’s explicit sexuality and erratic behavior.

She struggled to keep relationships and had once admitted that she hasn’t established a connection to women. She had only gone into an unpleasant phase, meaning that the assumptions of her being a lesbian is false.

But later on, she found hope in love when she met her boyfriend, Collin Christy. Collin is the founder of Hapa Inaba Designs and the owner of Geographical Expeditions.

Deborah Stern and Collin Christy
Deborah Stern and her husband Collin Christy

Deborah and Collin dated for a long time and eventually married on October 8, 2016, in San Francisco, California.

Now, they have been married for almost four years, and they have been stronger than ever.

They haven’t welcomed any child so far, but we wish them the very best.

They are also very much private in terms of social media.

Deborah Jennifer Stern: Career

Deborah is highly intellectual and could have a career in a humanitarian field. She tried to take acting as a career in the very beginning.  She first appeared on an episode of a show called ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.’

She has starred in movies like: ‘For the Boys,’ ‘Nudist Colony of the Dead,’ and ‘Wide Awake.’


Parker Lewis Can’t Lose1990Teen Babe
For the Boys1991Showgirl
Nudist Colony of the Dead1991Shelley Mammaroso
Invasion of the Scream Queens (Documentary)1992Self
Wide Wake1998Mrs. Waltman


However, she didn’t get as much stardom in her acting career as her father.

Currently, she is a businesswoman and has established her own business named Debra Stern Associates, also known as The Muse. She is focusing on expanding her business.

Deborah Jennifer Stern: Net Worth

It is hard to determine her net worth as she is not acting and has moved off to business. She does not have the fame and money as much as her father.

She is mainly living a healthy life. However, some sites have claimed that she makes somewhere between $600,000 to $900,000 per year.

Some have speculated that her net worth is approximately $5 million due to her income from ‘Debra Stern Associates.’

On the other hand, her father has a net worth of whopping $650 million whereas, her mother has a net worth of $50 million.

It is believed that Deborah hasn’t acquired any of her parents’ riches.

Deborah Jennifer Stern: Controversy

The brunette beauty hasn’t been a part of any controversy and has successfully maintained a very low-key life.

Deborah Jennifer Stern: Social Media

Deborah is not active on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. She isn’t even known to have encountered with paparazzi.

Deborah Jennifer Stern: Now

Deborah is currently busy with her life and working hard for her own business. Just like her sister, Emily, she is actively practicing Orthodox Judaism.

She still has a good relationship with both Howard and Alison and enjoys spending time with her sisters.

All in all, Deborah’s life teaches us never to give up, be it in career or love. What is meant to be will be?

If there is anything you’d like to add or think I’ve missed, please feel free to comment below.

Deborah Jennifer Stern: Quick Facts

FULL NAMEDeborah Jennifer Stern
BIRTHDATEMay 9, 1986
A.G.E.34 years old
PARENTSHoward Stern and Alison Berns
GRANDPARENTSBen Stern and Ray Stern
SPOUSECollin Christy
SIBLINGSEmily Beth Stern (1983), Ashley Jade Stern (1993)
EDUCATION·         Bachelors degree in Humanitarian Services from the University of Chicago

·         M.A.T. from the University of Chicago

·         Ph.D. in Reading, Writing and Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania

CAREERFormer actress, co-owner of Debra Stern Associates
NET WORTH $ 5 million (estimated)