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Who is Daniel John Gregory?

How do you like syrup in pancakes? Some couples are exactly complementary, likewise. A perfect example of such a pair is Daniel John Gregory and Martha, where the business guy meets a girl in politics.

Daniel John Gregory is a skilled businessman. He possesses a sharp acumen for managing his family business. Daniel has been happily married to Martha MacCallum for over 27 years now.

You don’t always need to be a celebrity to be famous. You can gain fame just by doing your work right. An example of such is Martha.

She works as a FOX news anchor and a broadcast journalist. Let’s learn about her husband too.

Quick Facts

Full NameDaniel John Gregory
Height5 feet 10 inches (1.77 m)
Weight75 Kgs (165 lbs)
EthnicityCaucasian white
ReligionCatholic Christian
Eye ColorStriking blue
Hair ColorLight brown
Hobbies/ InterestsOutdoor events, exercise
Best match for relationAquarius
Favorite sportsHockey, Soccer
Favorite foodPizza
Favorite actorAlfredo James Pacino, Andy Garcia
Favorite past timeTrack and field events

Daniel John Gregory childhood

Daniel was born in 1963 A.D in Upper Montclair, New Jersey, where he grew up with his family and folks.

His father is Edward R. Gregory, and his mother’s name is Cecelia Dohen Gregory. Edward was the founder of the company, where Daniel is a vice president at present.

Cecelia was a philanthropist. She is also a very skilled pianist and an English major from Kean College of New Jersey. She is an inspiration to a married woman as she has a flourished career despite being the mother of eight.

Daniel is the kind of son who followed the footsteps of his father and joined the family business.

His mother’s interest in charitable projects and reading must have had an enormous impact on him. We can see similar traits in the love of his life- Martha.

Daniel’s parents are no more with us. His father remained chairman of the company he founded during the 60s and died in 1999. Daniel’s mother passed away at the age of 84 in 2013.

The eternal couple has been resting in Gate of Heaven Cemetery of Hawthorne, New York, side by side. Daniel’s parents were together for 49 years before his father left this world.

Before Daniel was born, his parents lived in Bayside, New York, and moved to Montclair in 1969. Daniel has spent most of his childhood and primary school with folks around his hometown.

The other seven siblings of Daniel are Judith M. Gregory, Joseph R. Gregory, Edward P. Gregory, Elizabeth A. Gregory, Sheila G. McMenamin, Mary G. Suminski, and Jane G. Dwyer.

Daniel also has an aunt from his mother’s side, an uncle, along with 18 nephews and nieces. He often visits his parent’s graves in their memorial.

Daniel John Gregory personality

Talking about dress-ups, Daniel always has the perfect attire for a businessman. A clean-cut hair, he wears black suits with bow ties for parties. At the same time, he wears collar t-shirts for golfing.

Daniel’s early day pictures show he wore glasses then. Round specs looked fabulous on young Daniel. A two-piece suit with a white shirt and white bowtie was his get-up during his wedding.

Daniel John Gregory met his wife, Martha, at a wedding.

To most people surrounded by hometown folks, arranged marriages are still common. Those are lucky who happen to find love in such arrangements. Daniel’s case was similar.

He had first met his wife at the wedding of a mutual friend. Both liked each other from their first meet. Daniel spent his first date at a movie theatre watching “Godfather 3” and a dinner date at John’s Pizza in New York.


One thing led to another, and the couple started dating. Daniel and Martha took their time before marriage.

Martha is originally from New York. Born and raised in Buffalo, she is one year younger than Daniel. Her high school was Ramapo High School of Franklin Lakes in New Jersey.

It’s intriguing how a political science student took theatre as another major. Martha studies theatre at the Circle in The Square Theatre School. Despite their passionate love, the duo took their time to consider living together.

Finally, the couple took their vows on August 22 of 1992, in front of their family and friends. Joseph Fitzpatrick officiated the wedding. It took place in St. Elizabeth’s Church in Upper Montclair.

Daniel’s wife sure is a talented person as both degrees suited her well. Martha’s graduation from St. Lawrence University helped her be a journalist. While her theatre major allowed her to invest in the “Miranda Theatre Company.”

Martha won the Gracie Award and Soldiersocks Commitment To Serve Award.

Being an Aquarius, Martha must be an ambitious, supportive, healthy, and kind person. She not only loved Daniel but also supported him at difficult times.

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Daniel John Gregory children

Daniel and Martha have a daughter and two sons. Daniel named his daughter Elizabeth Bowes Gregory.

Following her mother’s footsteps, Daniel’s daughter graduated in 2018 with a political science major. She has been working as an intern for Fox News since August 2012.

Elizabeth also served on the Republican National committee team. She has also worked as an intern for Congressman Pat Meehan in 2016.

Daniel John Gregory with his wife Martha Maccullam and kids

Daniel’s two sons Harry MacCallum Gregory and Edward Reed Gregory, are still in school.

Daniel John Gregory rumors about divorce.

Fame comes with a price. People’s wishful thinking often causes a stir about couples in the media. It gets further uproar by negative publicity.

On December 9, 2011, an article was released with the title “Daniel’s married life is on the verge of divorce”. The report accused Martha of cheating. It had false speculation of her co-anchor Bill Hemmer being her new love interest.

Another media analyzed that she didn’t wear her wedding ring often. Comments by a co-host Steve Doocy added fuel to the fire. He had stated that most people think they are married, and they should address the situation going on.

Martha had put a caption “love dan” on her Twitter account. For the tweet, she had to deny the allegations vehemently. Either way, this was a tiring phase for the family, as they had to answer the reporters and all others.

Daniel’s education and career

Daniel attended Father Judge High School. Being a Catholic school student allowed him to learn discipline, self-control, and sincerity. He was quite popular as an active sportsman during his high school in Philadelphia.

He was more than active in various sports.

Daniel then proceeded to his higher studies at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. He completed his degree in Business administration there.

Daniel’s interest in joining an Augustinian Catholic University shows his interest in God.

Daniel runs a family business registered as Gregory Packaging Inc. The company produces the Suncup line of products, a fruit juice brand.

The company has branches in New Jersey, Arizona, and Georgia. Their company started as a packaging and marketing company. Later on, they started handling the production of packaged food like juice.

They supply their products across the country in different daycare centers, prisons, schools, etc.

The company is three generations old. But, it still focuses on high efficiency, quality, and reduced labor use for its production. Gregory packaging has several working warehouses across the country.

Daniel worked hard to become the vice president of his company. His company started in New Jersey and expanded to two more cities later on. His recipe for a great business is supplying Grade A quality service with integrity.

Daniel John Gregory road to fame

Daniel’s popularity in the public is mainly because of Martha.  She is a journalist who has covered many high-profile interviews and events. She has interviewed the last two presidents of the United States.

Martha also covered programs like royal visits and presidential elections.

She is the anchor for “The Story with Martha MacCallum.” The extreme popularity of this show is how Daniel rose to fame. As She got more famous, more people showed interest in her husband.

Daniel’s net worth and lifestyle

Daniel’s net worth is an estimated USD 1 million. His wife has an increasing turnaround on net worth after her shows have been a great success. It’s all thanks to their investments that they are currently living in their home at Cape Cod.

Daniel bought an old house. The house was renovated into a luxury house for a small family of five people after buying. The last time it got redesigned was in 2014.

Martha’s friend, who is a very talented architect, had designed the interior. Daniel’s house in Ridgewood is worth USD 3.2 million at present.

Daniel John charity

When it comes to charity, we can correlate Daniel to his mom. Daniel was very close to his mother. She held charity events in churches, medical missions, heifer projects, orphan reliefs, etc.

Cecelia had volunteered as an English tutor in the Montclair public school system.

We all hope to catch up with Daniel more often in the future.

Daniel John Gregory: Social Network

Daniel does not have an official account on a social networking site known to the media so far. Martha is also not active on any other SNS except Twitter.

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