If you have a computer that is being used by more than one you can always create account for each one of them on the computer.

You should create an admin account for yourself and standard user account for others.

Admin Account” has all the rights on the computer but the “Standard User” will have limited access to the computer. As an administrator, you can install and make modifications to the program. Standard user will always be prompted for admin password if there are any changes to be made.

Follow these steps to create new user accounts. Click “Start” and then click on “Control Panel“.

On the top right side under “User Accounts and Family Safety” you will see an option “Add or remove user accounts”, right click on the later.

The next page shows two user account created by default, one is the “Admin” and the other one is the “Guest”. At the middle of the page there is an option “Create a new account”, left click on the option.

The next page “Name the account and choose an account type”. Enter the account name as desired under the “New account name” box and then choose either “Standard user” or “Administrator”.

For educational purpose we have created the account name “Demo“.


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