Aurora Mulligan: All About The Irish Beauty and Her relationship With Matt LeBlanc

Who is Aurora Mulligan?

Aurora Mulligan is an Irish-American executive producer and television personality. Currently, she is working with the production house – Pilgrims Studio, which produces several Discovery series.

While the 33-year-old diva is making a name for herself in the television world in producing, she has been getting into the limelight for dating Matt LeBlanc. Matt is best known for his portrayal of Joey Tribbiani in the famous NBC sitcom ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’. 

This versatile lady was working as a producer in the Discovery Channel’s hit show ‘Top Gear’ when she met Matt LeBlanc in 2016. The pair quickly started hanging out together, and the rumor of them dating spread like wildfire. 

Fans are excited about their relationship.

Aurora Mulligan was already an established name in the industry. And she has made a name for herself rather than shining in her boyfriend’s spotlight. Aurora has produced numerous shows and even appeared as a cameo in Top Gear. She played a bride whose wedding at St Paul’s cathedral was crashed by Matt.

Aurora has inspired many with her work and does not seem to stop anytime soon. She is pushing further into the newer heights.

After getting many heads turned for being “Joey’s” (Matt’s) girlfriend, people seem to be very curious about Aurora.

If you are one of those fans, hop on to read everything you need to know about Aurora Mulligan.

Aurora Mulligan: Early Life and Family

Aurora was born in 1986 in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. There is not much information about her family. Her parent’s identity is unknown too.

Aurora grew up with her younger sister Roisin Mulligan in the UK. According to reports, Roisin is an explorer and a travel enthusiast. She is currently working in Columbia after traveling to 45 countries and living in eight.

There has always been a perfect loving sisterly bond between the two since childhood. They are still very close and love and support each other.


From a young age, Aurora showed the traits of a bright student. She was always an honest student and did well in her studies. 

Aurora completed her highschool from a Co-ed integrated secondary school. She was one of those who loved to participate in different school activities. As a kid, she was always curious and very energetic.

After finishing high school, Aurora joined Erne Integrated College for her further education. 

Later, Aurora moved to the city of Liverpool for her further studies. She graduated from the University Of Liverpool with a degree in political science.

Personality Traits / Age

Aurora is slim and well built with a height of five feet and five inches tall. The Irish beauty loves enhancing her beautiful hourglass figure with incredible fashion sense, which we can see during her red carpet or other public appearance.

With a smooth fair complexion and hazel eyes, Aurora has made her fan awestruck. Her feminine demeanor with a charismatic personality makes her a stunning woman.

Aurora Mulligan is 34 years old as of today. She has an energetic personality, and her leadership qualities, accompanied by her physical appeal, add up to her eternal beauty.


After her graduation, Aurora started her career as a producer. She landed a job as a television and documentaries producer and has subsequently worked on several popular documentaries. 

In the early stages, she worked as an assistant director for British soap operas like: ‘Holby City’ (a hospital drama series), ‘Skins’ (a British teen comedy-drama television series), and ‘The Bill’ (a British police drama).  

Aurora’s producing career took off with the show ‘Charley Boorman’s South African Adventure’. The show was about Charley Boorman’s travels and adventure through South Africa on his trusty BMW motorbike. Another acclaimed series that Aurora produced was ‘Extreme Frontiers USA’.

She further became an associate producer in the 2016 documentary ‘Prince Harry in Africa’. In the show, Prince Harry traveled to Lesotho in Southern Africa to look at the progress being made by his colossal charity. This show was one of Aurora’s most significant works as a producer, and she got recognized for her work in the show. Working with the prince also gave her career a massive push forward.

After that, she worked with BBC for many shows, including their hit factual television series – ‘Top Gear’, where she met her love, Matt LeBlanc.

The series is a relaunched version of the original, aired in 1997 under the same name. The relaunching of the show was in 2002. But Aurora worked with the series as an executive producer from 2016 to 2018.

Aurora is now an Executive Director of Sports and Documentaries at Pilgrim Media Group. She has accumulated her experiences to reach this level and has never looked back ever since. She is growing as a producer and working on some new projects, only marching forward to reach greater heights.

Aurora Mulligan has a bright future ahead. We hope to see her producing projects on the big screen someday.

Relationship with Matt LeBlanc

Aurora Mulligan indeed came into the spotlight after she began dating superstar Matt LeBlanc. 

The internet lost their minds after the news of them dating came out. I think it is understandable for the fans to be so

excited about this. After all, it is our beloved “Joey” that she is dating!

However, Aurora Mulligan’s past relationship history is still a mystery. But she did date a few people in the past.

Aurora Mulligan first met Matt LaBlanc in 2016, not long after LaBlanc was announced as the new star to face Top Gear. 

Matt LeBlanc and Aurora Mulligan together in Derby Race
Matt LeBlanc and Aurora Mulligan together in Derby Race

Their relationship was strictly professional in the beginning. But once Aurora and Matt started working together and spending time on the set, things took a beautiful turn. 

According to an insider, they were quite tactile on the set. Aurora’s charm worked like magic on LaBlanc. The crew from the show speculated sparkle between the two. They laughed and joked and did not seem like work colleagues at the time. It seemed more than just a professional relationship.

It turns out that the couple began dating shortly after their few meets on the set of BBC’s Top Gear. They made their first public appearance as a pair in May 2017 at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. 

Although the couple has a huge age-gap of 17 years, they have great chemistry and often remind us that age does not matter in a relationship so pure and beautiful.

LaBlanc referred to Aurora as ‘honey’ ahead of his appearance on ‘The Late Late Show’ in November 2017, assuring us that they are serious about each other. The couple is living a delightful life as a pair and shows no hints of trouble in the relationship so far. 

However, this is not the first serious relationship of Matt LeBlanc. He was previously married to a British-born American model, Melissa McKnight. The couple started dating in 1997 and took the wedding vows in 2003. The marriage fell apart in just three years.

Matt has a daughter with Melissa. He has a great bond with his daughter, Marina Pearl Leblanc. They are often seen attending events together.

The internet has constantly trolled Aurora for the age difference in her relationship with Matt LaBlanc. But the couple has not paid much attention to the hate and are busy enjoying their love life. 

Observing Aurora and Matt’s relationship so far, it would not be wrong to expect the pair to tie a knot. 

However, the couple has yet to break the news about their mayhap engagement, which we can’t wait for!

Net Worth and Social Media

The Irish celebrity has been working as an executive producer and a famous television personality for a long time. Aurora’s career seems to be heading towards greater heights of success.

Aurora is the girlfriend of the famous personality and heart-throb, Matt LaBlanc, aka Joey. She has all the things listed in her “resume” to become famous and successful.

But unlike her boyfriend, Aurora is not much active on any social media platform. However, she does have an unverified and private Instagram account with over four thousand followers. There is also a Twitter account under her name, but we can not tell if it is, in fact, her account.

It seems like Aurora does not want to be more media-friendly than she already is. That is why her exact net worth or her yearly earning is still suspense to the public.

Aurora, being engaged in many major documentary projects and working with big companies like BBC, must have made good earnings. And for a 33-year-old, she still has a long way to go and achieve more success.

According to online sources, her net worth stands above $200 thousand. On the other hand, her boyfriend Matt has an estimated net worth of $80 million, making him one of the highest-earning actors from sitcoms. Most of his accumulated wealth comes from his role as ‘Joey Tribbiani’ in Friends, which is still loved and celebrated by fans.

Current Whereabouts

Aurora Mulligan currently resides in the United Kingdom. 

In an interview in The Graham Norton show, Matt LaBlanc was questioned about his residence. There he revealed staying together with his girlfriend, Aurora Mulligan, in her UK apartment. 

Aurora is moving forward with her love life and her career as well. Likewise, her relationship with Matt Lablanc seems to be growing stronger with time. 

At the moment, Aurora has been keeping herself busy with numerous projects up her sleeve. We are yet to see what more she has to offer to her audience as a television producer.

We offer this hardworking woman all our best wishes and hope to see her get married to Matt someday. 

Well, folks, that is pretty much everything you should know about Matt Leblanc’s girlfriend, Aurora Mulligan. 

Comment down below if you think we have missed any information about Aurora. We love hearing from you guys.

Don’t forget to check out these quick facts about Aurora Mulligan:

Name                                                        Aurora Mulligan
Birth                                                         1986
Birthplace                                                  County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, UK
Eyes                                                          Hazel Brown
Hair                                                           Red
Ethnicity                                                    Irish
Partner/Boyfriend                                       Matt LeBlanc 
Profession                                                 Television Producer
Famous for                                                Producing ‘Top Gear’



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