Ashely Jade Stern: Youngest daughter of Howard Stern's Biography

Ashley Jade Stern: Youngest daughter of Howard Stern’s Biography

Who is Ashley Jade Stern?

Howard Stern’s youngest sibling, Ashley Jade Stern, is a well-known radio and television host better known for his radio program The Howard Stern Show.

Ashley was still well-unknown when she was born, but when her parents agreed to split in 2001, she became much more renowned. 

Ashley’s custody was a hot topic when she was just eight years old, and she ultimately remained with her mother and stepfather. 

Her father, on the other hand, promised to give her and her sisters full custody.

The Stern sisters have chosen to live their own lives after the family split up.

Because she was born to prosperous parents, Ashley Jade Stern has chosen to remain anonymous and has avoided the spotlight. 

While many suggested that she pursue a career as an actor or enter the theater, Ashley seems to have a tumultuous life away from the cameras. 

She still maintains a low-key lifestyle and is not present on any social media platforms.

Quick Facts about Ashley Jade Stern

Birthday: January 24, 1993

Nationality: American

Age: 28 Years, 28 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Born Country: United States

Born In: Old Westbury, Long Island, New York

Famous As: Howard Stern’s Daughter


Father: Howard Stern

Mother: Alison Berns

Siblings: Deborah Jennifer Stern, Emily Beth Stern

Early Life and Education

Ashley Jade Stern was born on January 24, 1993, in Old Westbury, in Long Island, New York, fifteen years after her parent’s marriage.

 Her mother is Alison Berns, while her father is famous for his radio and television broadcasting success, a photographer and author of repute.

She was the third and youngest of all-girl siblings with Emily Beth Stern (born May 7, 1983) and Deborah Jennifer Stern (born May 9, 1986), all under the protective watch of their parents.

Ashley Jade Stern with her father and sisters
Ashley Jade Stern with her father and sisters

Ashley and her siblings received early education and went on to college. 

There is no official record of their education because the father’s defense of his family kept knowledge about their childhood, including their school, hidden.

Ashley Jade Stern’s Private Life and Career

Ashley Jade Stern has chosen to keep her life secret.

The details of her personal life are still kept private, although she was seen with a man at her sister’s wedding.

Ashley is following in her father’s footsteps in terms of her career. She began her acting career in the 2001 film “When I Was Twelve,” 

She played her first, though brief, role. She also starred in the film “About a Girl.”

On the other hand, Ashley has seen more exposure on film, with more performances in numerous roles on various series.

She starred in the reality show Bob & Rose in 2001. Her success in this capacity led to more opportunities for her.

She’s starred in shows like Casualty, The Stratford Wives, What Little Girls Are Made of, and Blood Strangers as a result. Anthem Warning, On the Go, Let Me Be Your Fantasy, Set You Free, and The Latest Success is in the Can are among her other credits.

Although she benefits from her parents’ celebrity, there’s no denying that she’s made a name for herself in show business thanks to her charm and ability.

Ashley Jade Stern: Family crisis

Ashley got a glimpse of a fractured family after her parents divorced when she was seven years old in 2001. 

Howard was a workaholic, and her mother decided to start a career, resulting in a dispute between the two families and their divorce!

Although the family was doing well and the father had a promising career, the couple could not settle the disagreement, leading to their divorce. 

Since her mother remarried on November 23, 2001, Ashley cared for her mother and stepfather, David Scott Simon. 

In 2008, Howard Stern married actress and model Beth Ostrosky.

Custody Battle

There was an altercation about who would take custody of the kids as Howard and Alison’s marriage struck the icebergs like Jack and Rose’s Titanic.

Ashley Jade Stern was just eight years old when her parents divorced.

The custody dispute that ensued between her parents made headlines.

She was finally sent to her mother and stepfather to live with. Her father, on the other hand, promised to give her and her sisters full custody.

She is Close to Her Step Mother

Following his divorce from Alison, Ashley’s father married American actress Beth Ostrosky Stern for the second time in 2008.

Ashley also seems to have a positive friendship with her stepmother.

She’s been seen with Beth on many occasions.

Her sisters, too, have a close relationship with their stepmother.

Are Ashely Jade Stern and singer Ashley Thewlis related?

Ashley Jade Stern is often confused with Ashley Thewlis, an actress, and musician.

The issue is not one of physicality but rather one of the profession.

Ashley Thewlis was a member of the cast of the 2001 film When I Was Twelve, while Thewlis has starred in the film About a Girl and is the singer of many songs, including the hit Dreaming.

Ashley’s Relationship: Marriage and Boyfriend

Following the leak of provocative images that went viral on social media, there was a suggestion that Ashley was a lesbian.

On one of her father’s radio programs, though, he had to correct the misconception that any of his daughters were lesbian.

Ashley isn’t married yet, to be exact.

There’s a possibility, however, that she has a lover.

Though the allegations are yet to be confirmed, she was seen with a man presumed to be her boyfriend at her sister Deborah’s wedding in 2016.

Ashley with her alleged boyfriend
Ashley with her alleged boyfriend

The pair are rarely photographed together, so some are suspicious of their friendship.

Ashley Jade Stern’s Net Worth

Ashley Jade Stern’s net worth is unknown. 

Based on her foray, she is believed to be worth about $300,000.

On the other hand, her father, Howard Stern, is worth $650 million and earns $90 million a year. 

Social Media Presence

Ashley has a poor social media presence.

Her Instagram handle is @ashjstern, and she has set it as private. 

Before you can see Ashley Jade Stern’s page, you’ll need to give her a Follow request and wait for her to consider it.

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