Arthur Gunn

Arthur Gunn- Inside the life of Runner up of American Idol

Who is Arthur Gunn?

Arthur Gunn is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Nepal.

He, rather than Dibesh Pokharel, is known by his real name, Arthur Gunn.

Arthur is an aspiring artist and one of the emerging young talented singers.

We can enjoy his original and cover tracks on his official YouTube channel and social media accounts.

He now has over 255 thousand Youtube users, thousands of social media fans and followers, and millions of fans and well-wishers all over the globe.

Quick Facts about Arthur Gunn

Stage NameArthur Gunn
BirthplaceKathmandu, Nepal
Current ResidenceWichita, Kansas
Date of birthOctober 24, 1997
ParentsDatram and Maiya Pokharel
Marital StatusUnmarried
SiblingsRupa, Rubi, and Supriya Pokharel
EducationNot Available

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Early life and family

Arthur Gunn (Dibesh Pokharel) was born in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, on October 24, 1997.

He has a large family of seven members, including his parents Datram and Maiya, and three  sisters.

Arthur Gunn with his siblings
Arthur Gunn with his siblings

Even though he was introduced to music at a young age and grew up with it, his family was not musical. 

He used to sing and play tiny guitars as a child. He began blending songs while playing his guitar when he was two years old.


His family moved to Wichita, Kansas, when he was eleven years old, but he stayed and completed his education. 

He earned Distinction points in his SLC education (81 percent).

He moved to Wichita, Kansas, after graduating from high school in Kathmandu in 2014. He completed the majority of his study in the United States.

He received his high school education at Kathmandu’s “Yes College of Management, New-Baneshwor.” He later did his undergraduate degree from Butler Community College in Kansas City, Missouri.

Appearance and Body Size

The man keeps a gritty demeanor.

He has dark hair and is disorganized. He already has a gold ring and has his ear pierced. 

He is still reasonably tall with a height of 5ft 10 inches and a weight of 65kg.

Dibesh still wears a hoodie or T-shirt with his pants. In terms of appearance, he seems to be attempting to maintain the style of American rappers.

In a single sentence, he can be described as a slim tall Asian man who enjoys singing and dressing. 

In his eyes, you can see how passionate he is about singing.

Dibesh Pokharel to Arthur Gunn: Career

Dibesh Pokharel grew up with a guitar that his mother had given him.

Although his family was not artistic, he was interested in music since he was a child. 

He began singing in American pubs and restaurants, and he enjoyed singing with his parents. 

He was also a serious music fan since 2012. Bluegrass and country music also inspired him. 

Nick Drake, John Martyn, and Bob Dylan are all sources of inspiration for him.

In 2018, he released his first album, Grahan, which featured eight songs and was followed by a tour. 

After releasing his debut album “Grahan” in 2018, Dibesh Pokharel has gone by the stage name Arthur Gunn. 

Arthur Gunn’s name was changed to “Art Hole Gunn” by him.

In Biblical vocabulary, Hur means “hole,” and Arthur means “noble and valiant.”

He chose Arthur Gunn simply because he thought it was an odd mixture of “Art hole and a gun.”

In 2019, Arthur released three more singles: “Ma,” “Khoj,” and “Karnali (The River).” 

One of his album’s biggest successes is “Nyano Ghar.”

Dibesh Pokharel performs a wide range of musical styles. However, the majority of the tracks on his YouTube channel are acoustic rock sounds. 

His sources of inspiration are much too many to mention. John Martyn, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Bukka White, Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, and Sonny Boy Williams are among Dibesh Pokharel’s musical influences.

Americal Idol Journey

Arthur Gunn during his audition round in American Idol
Arthur Gunn during his audition round in American Idol

Arthur Gun is a Nepalese immigrant to the United States who finished second in the 18th season of American Idol as the first runner-up.

Just Sam snatched the title of season winner from him. Nonetheless, Arthur Gunn won the hearts of the people.

From the moment he sang on the American Idol show, the crowd realized he had something that could propel him to the top. 

Furthermore, even the judges were taken aback after hearing him perform.

Lionel Richie, one of the judges, also said Arthur reminded him of the legendary Bob Marley.

Arthur entered an online audition for American Idol in 2019 after being convinced by his peers. 

The AI franchise invited him to an in-person audition in Wichita in September after being impressed with his online results.

He auditioned for Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain.” 

This song alone was enough for Katy Perry, Luke Bryant, and Lionel Richie, the judges, to recognize the emerging star’s talent.

Arthur began to inspire the judges and the millions of viewers following him from all around the world as the episodes progressed.

He was no longer a stranger. Overnight, he became a household name thanks to American Idol.

The audition was just the beginning.

The Hawaiian showcase and Hollywood week were two more points where he wowed people even more.

Despite the show’s scheduling being disrupted by the continuing COVID-19 situation, Arthur and the other contestants managed to compete for the win from their homes.

Arthur Gunn performing virtually for American Idol
Arthur Gunn performing virtually for American Idol

The producers made sure that each of the twenty contestants had access to the requisite gear.

The performance was streamed live on the internet.

Viewers were also able to watch their undercover contestants’ performances.

Arthur made people proud of his hometown as he placed in the top 5 at the live finale. 

He finished his time on American Idol with a reprise of his final hit, “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?”

Just Sam came out on top, with Arthur coming in second.

His love life

If you have any idea, who might have taken the star’s heart, which has won millions of hearts?

However, the details of Arthur’s love life have not yet been revealed to the press. 

Thus, we might be mistaken in thinking Arthur Gunn is currently single. 

Whatever the case may be, the young man has not yet made his love life public.

What is Arthur’s Net Worth?

There is no publicly available information about Arthur Gunn’s earnings, savings, or net worth.

He has confidential knowledge in relation to these incidents that is being investigated.

In the days ahead, the American Idol’s popularity will play a critical role in bringing him wealth and riches.

Social Media Presence

Arthur Gunn, like any other young person in today’s world, invests time on social media.

He is active on both Instagram and Twitter.

With over 318K followers, his official Instagram account is a treat for his fans. The photos that appear on his page are enough to demonstrate his artistic side. 

His photographic skills are remarkable, as shown by his photos. Arthur used the forum after American Idol to communicate with his followers.

Arthur has over 28K followers on Twitter, which is slightly fewer than Instagram. Arthur’s followers are all young people all over the world.

You can follow him: Instagram (arthur_gunn), Twitter (ArthurGunn122), YouTube.

Arthur has over 400,000 followers on his official YouTube page.

His video for “Nyano Ghar” has over 11 million views. On his website, he shares music videos, live acoustic sessions, and other material.

5 things you would like to know about Arthur Gunn

  • Arthur Gunn was born in Nepal.
  •  His real name is Dibesh Pokharel.
  • His mother tongue is Nepali, and his second language is English.
  • A judging panel for American Idol invited Dibesh Pokharel to audition in person.
  • Arthur Gunn was invited to open for Luke Bryan in Detroit
  • His debut album was recorded in Nepali.

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