April Bowlby- Bio, Relationships, and Net Worth

Who is April Bowlby?

April Bowlby is an American television actress most known for playing Kandi on the CBS comedy Two and a Half Men.

She is one of those foreign actors who, even in minor roles, leave an indelible impression. April is a lovely and talented young lady.

Let’s take a look at the life of this sensual blonde.

Quick Facts about April Bowlby

Full nameApril Bowlby
Date of birthJuly 30th, 1980
EducationDegree in marine biology (Moorpark College)
ProfessionActress/ Model
Zodiac signLeo
Hair colorRed
Eyes colorBlue
RelationshipJosh Groban (2009-2010)
Net worth$2 Million
Social mediaInstagram, Twitter

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April Bowlby: Early Life and Family

April Michelle Bowlby is April Bowlby’s first name.

She was born in Vallejo, California, on July 30, 1980. 

During her teenage years, her family moved to Manteca, California.

Manteca is recognized as the city of families. It’s a small farming community.

When April was a teenager, her mother and father divorced. She was living with her mother in Manteca. 

In the summers, she went to see her father in Arizona.

Aprl Bowlby with her mother and sister
Aprl Bowlby with her mother and sister

Her sister enjoyed horseback riding, although she enjoyed dance lessons. She preferred to be a ballerina rather than a dancer.

Destiny, on the other hand, had something else in mind.

April fractured her foot when she was seventeen years old. For her, it was a game-changer. She began modeling and then moved on to acting.

April Bowlby attended East Union High School. She graduated from Moorpark College with degrees in French and Marine Biology.

She studied drama with Ivana Chubbuck, which is interesting.

April Bowlby education

April Bowlby was born in Vallejo but spent the majority of her youth in Manteca.

East Union High School was April’s alma mater. In college, she learned ballet and French.

April Bowlby graduated from Moorpark College with a degree in marine biology.

According to an interview, April was adamant about becoming a ballerina, and she put in a lot of effort to achieve her goal.

April injured her foot when she was seventeen, putting an end to her dream of being a ballerina. 

She was heartbroken as a result, but her dream of being a great artist never faded.

April Bowlby personality traits

Aprl Bowlby
Aprl Bowlby

April Bowlby is a Leo with many of the characteristics of a Leo human.

She is a wet, enthusiastic, and determined woman.

April is a beautiful lady. She wowed the crowd not only with her abilities but also with her grace and beauty.

April was once a popular model with light blue eyes, a pale complexion, and blond hair. She stands at 5’7″ tall.

This 39-year-old diva is full of energy and hyperactivity, and she can carry out every program. 

April enjoys keeping herself emotionally and physically occupied. She is a health fanatic.

April Bowlby is an intelligent and articulate human, despite having played some stupid characters on television.

She is an avid reader.

She adores dogs and has a lovely puppy called Clem. 

April enjoys music as well and is a massive David Bowie fan.

April Bowlby diet plans 

Being an actress and model requires a lot of dedication, particularly when it comes to keeping the body in shape by a strict diet and a consistent exercise schedule.

April eats more salads and keeps her carbs to a minimum. 

Her main course includes avocados and eggs.

She also monitors her protein consumption and ensures that she eats a balanced diet.

April Bowlby relationship

April Bowlby relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her modeling career.

Randall Slavin, the actor and photographer whom she met shortly after leaving, became her first love.

Randall, according to April, provided her with a lot of emotional encouragement as she pursued her acting career. 

April connected with some of L.A.’s best acting mentors and managers, thanks to Randall’s assistance. 

The couple’s friendship came to an end, and they split up.

From November 2009 to March 2010, she was openly dating American singer Josh Groban. They then broke up.

April’s relationship status is currently single. She seems to be taking a break from the dating scene.

Career/ working on hit T.V. shows

With the encouragement of a modeling career, April Bowlby ascended to the major stage of acting.

She has worked for several well-known brands and has made a name for herself in the modeling industry.

April gives her first L.A. boyfriend, Randal Slavin, a lot of credit for helping her get into modeling.

When she first began her Hollywood career, he introduced her to the best acting mentors and agents in Los Angeles.

April Bowlby improved her acting skills by studying drama with Ivana Chubbuck, an American acting mentor.

She landed a major part as Kandi in CBS’s mega-hit comedy Two and a Half Men just months after her first audition. 

She started with big names in the genre, including Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and Angus T. Jones.

She played Kandi, Charlie’s naive young girlfriend, who later becomes Alan’s second wife.

Her character was well-liked by the viewers, and she starred in about sixteen episodes of the show.

In an interview, April claimed that performing in front of a live audience was even more enjoyable.

Before this, she made her tv debut in 2004 on CSI.

Drop Dead Diva, a drama/comedy television series, cast April as Stacy Barrett in 2006. 

Brook Elliott and Jackson Hurst were among the cast members of the film.

Since then, April has made several television appearances. In How I Met Your Mother, she played Barney Stinson’s obsessed ex-girlfriend Meg.

April Bowlby made her film debut in 2008 with the drama All Roads Lead Home, in which she played Natasha.

In the 2009 comedy film The Slammin’ Salmon, she played Mia.

Later that year, April played Olivia in Angel Gracia’s romantic comedy From Prada To Nada.

April played Rebecca in season 10, episode 21 of The Big Bang Theory in 2017.

She starred as Cecy Phillips in the drama Unbroken: Path to Redemption in 2018. It was the sequel to Unbroken from 2014.

April Bowlby’s Filmography

  • 2008
All Roads Lead Home
  • 2009
The Slammin’Salmon
  • 2011
From Prada to Nada
  • 2018
Unbroken: Path to Redemption


  • 2004
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • 2005
  • 2005
  • 2005
  • 2005–2007, 2012, 2015
Two and a Half Men
  • 2007
Sands of Oblivion
  • 2007–2009, 2014
How I Met Your Mother
  • 2008
Out of Jimmy’s Head
  • 2009
Kath & Kim
  • 2009–2014
Drop Dead Diva
  • 2010
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • 2010
  • 2015
  • 2015
You’re the Worst
  • 2016
Marriage of Lies
  • 2016
The Engagement Clause
  • 2017
The Big Bang Theory
  • 2017
Love’s Last Resort
  • 2017
A Mother’s Crime
  • 2018
  • 2018
  • 2018
The Wrong Daughter
  • 2018
Dying for the Crown
  • 2019–present
Doom Patrol

April Bowlby Road to D.C. Universe

April hadn’t dabbled in action genres despite her popularity on television in shows like Two and a Half Guys, Drop Dead Diva, and a slew of other films and television appearances.

She reappeared in 2018 with her deal with the D.C. universe.

In the D.C. web television series Doom Patrol, April Bowlby portrays Rita Farr, a.k.a. Elastic Girl. 

Rotten Tomatoes gave this series a positive reception, awarding it a whopping 95 % approval rating based on 40 ratings.

April revealed on her Instagram page that the show’s second season is now available to watch on HBOmax.

In the recent D.C. Universe online television series Doom Patrol, April Bowlby’s character has two distinct looks.

Bowlby spent hours studying film stars from the 1940s and 1950s to portray the sexy Rita Farr.

Her persona is unique. Rita is a former Hollywood starlet who can change her shape. 

Rita Farr, aka Elasti-Woman, is a vain, arrogant heroine who is far from perfect.

April reported in an interview with D.C. Comics:

“I like how Rita despises everybody. I love how selfish she is! She’s messed up, and it’s a lot of fun to play someone who’s messed up.”

The Doom Patrol debuted the Elasti-Woman/Rita Farr character in the streaming service’s first series, “Titans.”

She’s one of a network of people who have unusual talents.

April made a guest appearance as Rita Farr in the 2020 D.C. tv-series Legends Of Tomorrow.

Playing such a significant part in a fan-favorite series has put her back on track, with several upcoming cameos in other D.C. films on the horizon.

It was clear that watching her play the same obsessed, sexy, but stupid character on sitcoms for too long was getting old.

However, seeing her as such a brilliant character as Rita Farr has brought her a new kind of fan base.

We hope she has more opportunities to play these types of positions in the future.

Lifestyle and net worth

April Bowlby is a solitary woman.

She prefers to keep her private life private.

She’s been in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades. April has had a lot of exposure in both modeling and acting.

April Bowlby’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. She now lives in Los Angeles.

Bowlby formerly resided in a Mid-Century cottage in the Hollywood Hills.

Earlier this year, she listed the house for sale. The house had a $1 million price tag. It’s unclear if the house has been leased.

Her social media accounts show that she lives a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Inspirations for April Bowlby

According to Music Is Art magazine, Jessica Lange, Meryl Streep, Kate Winslett, and Cate Blanchett are among the icons she draws inspiration from.

April sits down to study films and becomes fully absorbed in the character and plot of the film.

According to her, good acting can engulf the audience with its uniqueness and delve deeply into the storyline and character.

Her observation demonstrates her empathy with actors.

Brides to Madison County, Disney films like The Emperor’s New Groove and Frances with Jessica Lange are among her favorites.

She also enjoys French films such as Amelie and Dangerous Liaisons, starring Michelle Pfeiffer.

We give our warmest greetings to this stunning diva. Rita Farr’s followers are hoping for more of her in the D.C. universe.

That’s what we know about April Bowlby at the moment. If we skipped something, let us know in the comments.

April Bowlby: Social media Presence

April is a social media powerhouse.

She has around 180k Instagram followers and 41.5k Twitter followers.

She enjoys spending time with her peers. On Instagram, you can see her sharing pictures of herself with her friends and family.

Her Instagram account is full of cute pictures of her dog. Her fans adore her and are interested in what she has to say.

According to her Instagram profile, she is a major foodie, likes to read books, loves puppies, and is a massive David Bowie fan.

Find April on Instagram to see what she’s up to these days. On her website, she keeps her fans up to date on her whereabouts and future projects.

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