Alicia Dove: Bio, Family and Net Worth

Alicia Dove: Bio, Family and Net Worth

Who is Alicia Dove?

Alicia Dove is the founder of the “Cherry Bombs,” a collective of highly trained dancers.

They put on the most fun and risky party animal live show you’ll ever see.

With the body of a model, an NFL cheerleader quit her job to pursue a genuinely desired lifestyle.

After her national tour with Stone Sour, Alicia Dove has been in the spotlight as a self-described fine artist and makeup expert.

Quick Facts about Alicia Dove

Height 5 feet 7 inches
Zodiac signCapricorn
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorRed dyed.
Favorite sportsFootball
Nickname/Common nameAlicia
Birthmark/ TattooInked small piece of words on the left foot below the ankle.Roses and inspiring words from shoulders to palm right hand.
Favorite musicRock bands  Slipknot, corn, prodigy,  Marilyn mansion, and  Rob Zombie
Favorite bandAvatars
Fashion styleRed and Black. Deep cut
Favorite placeLas Vegas (Vegas house of blues)
Favorite past timeSpending money in her favorite places.

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Early life and Education

There is also little information about Alicia Dove‘s parents, brothers, or relatives.

Her birthday is January 16, 1985. 

Alicia, a 35-year-old redhead dancer, has been involved in music and dancing since she was a teenager.

She attended Gig Harbor Public High School in the Peninsula School District in Gig Harbor, Washington, where she was born and raised. 

During high school, she was a cheerleader.

Favorite things of Alicia

Alicia began playing the guitar at the age of twelve, which came in handy later in her career as she planned stage surprises.

Her practice, though, was cut short when she joined the school cheerleaders.

Cheerleading was ideal for Alicia because she enjoyed dance and football. However, she realized that her true love was dancing, so she quit cheerleading and formed her dance band, “H 2 WHOA.”

Alicia was a determined adolescent.

Her love of rock music began when she encountered a group of metalheads in middle school in the late 1990s.

Metal’s aggressiveness appealed to her, beyond her bravado.

Alicia was a huge fan of rock and roll. Her favorite bands were Slipknot, Maize, and Prodigy. 

Her dance band H 2 whoa got its name from the water wave-like sound of their performances.

In high school, she and her band began doing dance routines with a Halloween theme.

They had Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie albums, which may have foreshadowed her future career decisions.

Alicia Dove: Personality traits

Her zodiac sign, Capricorn, describes her as a trustworthy, responsible, independent, goal-oriented, hardworking, and leading personality.

As a tenacious leader of her squad who never gives up on her teammates, she executes solid and realistic plans.

Alicia Dove: Relationship and Marriage

When Alicia was already a cheerleader for the NFL, she had her first brush with Corey Taylor.

They met at a knot show in 2010 and became fast friends.

When playing in Slipknot, one of metal’s biggest bands, Corey was a fine rock singer, the frontman of Stone Sour, and a total madman on stage.

It wasn’t passion at first sight in this relationship.

Their first meeting took place with a group of NFL players. Corey was unfriendly, shaking hands with all but her, giving her a dead face, before walking away.

At first, Alicia thought he was strange.

Corey met beautiful Alicia ten months after his eight-year marriage with Stephanie Luby ended.

When Cherry Bomb went on tour with Stone Sour in 2017 for about five weeks, the two hit it off.

They first announced their relationship in March 2019 after two years of dating.

Alicia Dove and husband Corey Taylor
Alicia Dove and husband Corey Taylor

Corey described Alicia as “everything” he “ever wanted and more” on Instagram.

Corey proposed to Alicia on his knees after they had known each other for about 6 years. 

It was relaxed, intimate, and unexpected for Alicia. She began weeping with him on the floor before actually saying, “Yes!”

When the two lovebirds announced their engagement on Instagram, they captioned it, “Forever. And Ever.”

Their wedding was something of a surprise to everyone, as the newlyweds kept silent until three weeks after their wedding.

The pair shared breathtaking photos of a very unusual and private experience on Instagram, which broke the news.

The couple married in Overton, Nevada, six months after they got engaged, on October 6, 2019.

However, Corey had listed his proposal on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music Beats 1 show a few weeks ago.

Nathan Mowery, Alicia’s homie and a close neighbor, captured the pair posing in the desert in a more formal wedding dress before a breathtaking sunset in his heartwarming photos of the marriage.

Alicia wore the traditional Adara Gown from the Rue de Seine, as befitting a Capricorn (cost 3600 USD). 

Taylor was dressed in a maroon outfit when she crashed.

Modern-Vintage Rentals arranged the venue, Lorea Blooms provided the flowers, and Dallin and Cienna took the photos.

Alicia captioned the gallery “Valley of Fire,” and Corey captioned it with the date.

When Corey and Alicia tied the knot, they were 45 and 34 years old, respectively.

Alicia has never expected to find love with her best friend.

The adoring couple expresses their affection for one another on social media. 

They are not planning for children right away and are taking it cautiously.

Alicia Dove: Fight for her dream

Alicia Dove was a part of a cheerleading group that cheered for the Georgian football team Atlanta Falcons in the National Football League before becoming a professional dancer (2010- 2012).

Alicia enjoyed dancing and supporting the NFL, but as time went by, she discovered where her true passion was. She didn’t want to be kept to a strict timetable and set of guidelines.

It was her passion that drove her to rock music.

Listening to Slipknot, tattooing her body, and a slew of other activities that Alicia couldn’t keep up with haunted her until she broke free and formed the Cherry Bombs, which she describes as “a gang of badass chicks.”

Alicia was the team’s black sheep, risking losing some of her mates and a well-paying career to fulfill her dream.

Her dream began to take shape when she was offered the first Cherry Bombs–Sturgis gig at the world’s largest motorcycle rally in South Dakota.

Others were doing the same thing, but Cherry Bombs’ tenacity in incorporating elements to a production helped them progress from simplistic dance to something that can move and engage the audience.

Alicia is the team’s nuts and bolts.

She is in charge of everything, from music selection, cutting, and mixing according to the specialties of her performers, scheduling, choreography matching, and props.

“Rock and roll meet Cirque du Soleil meet pussycat dolls extravaganza,” Alicia describes her performance. 

She is a metalhead who looks like she is flying free because she plays metal and rock.

Taking into account the audience’s preferences and the shows’ opening acts, she schedules them accordingly.

They change their shows constantly, so every second show is different.

Alicia always pushes the show into the next frontier, makes it longer every time.

The constant improvement of stunts and ensuring safety are also challenges Alicia faces. 

Her motto is to make at least something physically challenging visible, despite what a crowd may perceive as easy.

There are 14 technically trained dancers with Alicia around the states. Five or seven of them perform regularly. 

Dance with Pyro shows, aerial art, singing, whooping, and fire: pushes the performance to the next level and helps with the audience engagement.

Many of Alicia’s tasks are completed by herself.

She transports the steel with the crew, including aerial vehicles, a portable column, and firefighting equipment. 

She leads the team whenever necessary and maintains her composure even after a day of practice that lasted more than 8 hours.

Alicia’s team faces disorganized suppliers and output constraints, which delayed production.

However, when the music is playing on stage, their bodies go into auto-pilot mode, and they love performing.

Alicia twisted her ankle while filming a mini-documentary series about the behind-the-scenes of a Cherry Bombs success during the Steel Panther tour.

It posted videos on YouTube about the efforts to create the iceberg we see on the surface.

Alicia fantasizes about doing her performance with a live band. She is now working on a production line show, which is entirely new to her.

She is not planning a complicated plot, but rather a loose and exciting performance that the viewers would enjoy.

Alicia Dove: First limelight of her life

When her band went on their first national tour with Buckcherry and Black Stone in 2016, Alicia jumped right in.

Despite being chosen solely based on their name, the squad performed admirably without the assistance of a boss or agent.

Cherry Bombs made their first appearance alongside Bret Michaels at the 73rd annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in 2014.

The greatest thing that ever happened to Alicia was their second national tour with Stone Sour and Steel Panther in Stone Shower/Sour.

They’ve also appeared on Full Throttle Saloon on TruTV.

Alicia has played and participated in punk bands such as Saving Abel and Puddle of Mud and featured in Rock Revolt Magazine.

As her shows have grown in success, she has scheduled a musical tour for next year to take her to Knot Fest in Japan, Singapore Rock Fest, Manila, Jakarta, Indonesia, and Monterrey, Mexico.

Net Worth

Alicia Dove earns a good living from her stage performances.

According to reports, her net worth was in the range of $100k to $1 million in 2019.

Alicia Dove: Fighting Prejudice

Since the idea of the “Cherry Bombs” is impossible to grasp once you’ve seen them live, there are crossovers where Alicia is subjected to prejudice towards “half-naked chicks dancing” or “a stripper act” while she speaks with investors.

She understands their viewpoint and uses the videos to persuade most of them. “It’s not ‘just pushing their ass,'” she said, “it takes a lot of work and effort.”

It isn’t effortless because they don’t understand how everything comes together in one show.


Corey has become an inspiration and is heavily interested in Alicia’s charitable work, having been a survivor of bullying and attempting suicide at a young age.

They’ve held events and put on excellent rock shows for a variety of good causes.

For charities, Alicia works on anti-suicide, anti-cancer, youth inspiration, and child mental wellbeing.

In the show “Metal for cancer,” she worked with heavy metal bands Lamb of God, Pantera, and Iron Maiden to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Another lovely fundraising presentation put on by the Taylors in December is “Star Treatments,” which includes the cost of petrol and all wear and tear on the ambulance when sick children are transported to and from the hospital.

Social Media Presence

She has 76.8k followers on Instagram.

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