How to deal with breakups

12 excellent ways to deal with a breakup

How to deal with a breakup

One of the most beautiful feelings in your existence is the feeling of falling in love. Love will make you believe in yourself and make you feel important. Love will give you wings and the freedom to fly.

But what happens when those wings fall off in the middle of the sky? What happens when love ends? The answer is heartbreak.

The breakup will shatter you into pieces and smash you to the ground. But as the saying goes, ‘Time heals,’ you will reap all your broken pieces and put them back together.

We all have been through that road and know how it feels. If you’ve just have had a nasty breakup, here are the things to do to heal yourself and feel lively again.

1. Allow yourself to mourn

One of the common things to feel after a breakup is a sadness and anger. Trying to overcome it by hiding how you truly feel will never allow you to recover from a breakup fully.

You should rather vent all your anger and sadness to have no remorse at all left in you. Venting all your anger does not mean picking up a fight or abusing your ex, verbally or physically; rather, join a gym and do work out.

A workout is an excellent way to vent your anger and release all sorts of tension.

There is a huge tendency of getting involved in drugs and alcohol at this point because of a wrong notion that it will subside the pain, but you are totally wrong.

It will only make the healing process worse instead, join a social group for a social cause and do things that will bring happiness into others’ lives. Smile is viral and a great healer. The mere thought of bringing smiles and differences in someone’s life will kill your sadness in you.

Keep yourself busy with fun and entertainment and positive people around you. It will make a difference, a huge difference.

2. Don’t hate your ex

The other most common thing is that after the breakup, either party, you or your ex, feels like being a victim and being played with. The blame game never ends, but do you think it is any productive.

The answer downright is NO. Whatever happens, happens for good, and irrespective of who initiates the breakup, both of you had a part to play in it. Maybe you were missing those subtle signals that the relationship was not working anymore.

You were clinging on to a false hope of everything will work out. Either you didn’t meet the expectation, or your personalities were way too different. Take it this way; it’s better that you go through a temporary pain than to wake up every day and fight over things that don’t even matter or, in plain words, stupid.

Bottom-line is that the relationship took its own course as it was destined to. Have a positive feeling about the breakup, and not only will it make you feel happy and a better person, but you will be able to “Forgive those who sin against thou.”

3. Write about your feelings

During the process, you ought to be completely honest about your feelings. Write about how you feel in the forms of poems and journals. Bring out the creative side in you in better words.

Or else, you can write letters to your ex about the questions you have in mind and about the conversation that has been haunting you throughout the nights but do not send it.

Letting out all your feelings in the paper regularly will make you see the progress you’ve made with your breakup.

4. Keep a distance

It’s a human tendency to find comfort as soon as they are in pain. The way our brain works is that with times when we miss someone, we always try to remember the good things that were there in a relationship but tend to either forget or ignore the negative part.

When and if your ex contacts you, you should not immediately conclude that maybe she wants you back. Even if it is true, you should ensure that you are completely over the relationship to think with a sane whether if this is what you want.

Your ex may offer you friendship, but don’t fall into that trap elsewise, you may end up being a backup. Imagine that you are buddies, but honestly, how would it feel to see your ex hanging around with their new love.

You don’t want to hear them talk about their daily activities, and you don’t want to be a healer if they are fighting. That stuff looks good in movies and should be left for movies only. There are lots of fish in the sea to find a new one.

Don’t close your doors thinking there will be no one better like your ex, who knows what’s next in-store.

5. Don’t try to win them back

You may feel like your ex is your whole world and you are incomplete without her, but that is not true. You will see endless articles suggesting no contact rules to win them back, but it is never wise to consider winning back your ex.

It is just a waste of time, and you may again end up getting hurt. In fact, no contact rules are, in a true sense, meant for you to get over the relationship and the hangover of it, not to let your ex miss you.

You should rather concentrate on creating new possibilities for a new relationship.

6. Maintain a low profile on social media

During the initial phase, you may want to avenge by posting embarrassing photos of your ex on social media, writing angry status, tagging them on humiliating posts. It won’t do any good but might trigger a war of words that you seriously want to avoid.

You are better than that. The worst thing you can do is to have your ex still on your social media contact list. If you have, we highly recommend unfriend them and block them to erase the memories.

You will always be tempted to look at their profile, and the post of and about them will never let you overcome, really. You don’t want to see how drunk they were on a Friday Night or how awesome their date went. Stalking your ex on social media is a big “No.”

7. Take care of yourself

Just because your relationship is over, you don’t want to be a subject of misery and sympathy. Words of how sorry your friends feel, etc., are good as they can be but won’t change a thing; instead, you should focus on grooming yourself for the next special one that really deserves a wonderful person like you are.

Eating well, sleeping well, and exercising is very important after a breakup. Treat and pamper yourself like you want others to do to you.

Sound health and lifestyle can really go a long way in overcoming the phase. Follow a balanced sleep routine. Don’t go to bed too early or too late. Try to give yourself a good seven hours of sleep.

Mild exercise will have you feeling fresh and positive. Stay healthy!

8. Meet new people

The end of the relationship isn’t the end of the road, it’s just a start of a new journey, but you got to be open to explore new possibilities.

The World is full of people with different charisma and personalities that it is for sure you will find a new one and a better one. Challenge yourself to make new friends and go out to have fun.

Accepting invitations to casual dates will let you see the opportunity with other people and a new perspective on life. Also, sometimes sharing your feelings with a stranger is easier than sharing them with a friend.

9. Read for inspiration

Just google on relationships, and you will find endless forums and blogs on dealing with a breakup. There are many books, magazines, and articles that tell you about how to deal with heartbreak.

It is healthy to read about relationships and breakups as a part of life. Reading will make you realize you’re not alone in the suffering of a failed relationship.

Reading will broaden your knowledge about the situation, learn from the tips of people who actually went through it, and might even distract you from the heartbreak.

10. Stay with loved ones

When it comes to sharing emotions, it really hard to trust everyone. This is the time when you will need someone near, such as your best friend and family members, who can give you ears at this time.

Spend time with your closest ones and share the pain you’re going through. Don’t isolate yourself and grieve all day. You will need some time for yourself but avoid staying alone for long. The craving presence of someone is normal.

Your friends and family’s care and affection will help you heal quickly and comfort you during the process.

11. Take a break from your normal routine

Change things you do regularly and daily. Disrupt your daily routine. Try exploring your interests. Join gyms, dance classes, art clubs, or take guitar lessons.

Focus on the positive things. Going out and discovering new interests, hobbies and doing things with your friends will freshen your mind and boost you up with positivity.

If not all these, simple things like going on a walk all by yourself will help your body and mind to strengthen themselves in a breakup.

12. Change your surroundings

If you have been in a live-in relationship, it is always wise to change the whole interior arrangement of the house, shuffle everything and find a better arrangement or improve the interior.

It is necessary to make you realize that you can make decisions and make the change. To change your surroundings, you can rearrange your decorations or even paint your room.

Also, don’t keep belongings that will remind you of your ex. It is better to remove all the notes and clothes of your ex lying around your apartment.

Getting over a relationship cannot happen in a single day. Especially if you’re deeply in love with your ex, it might take months to heal. You have to give yourself the time and patience to cope with the breakup.

A heartbreak needs time to heal. If you conceal your feeling, it might leave a big scar in your heart and make you lose all the trust in love and relationships.

Don’t be harsh on yourself if you’re not able to forget the relationship as fast as you would want to.

Remember to take the breakup as a learning experience that will better you as a person. Love yourself and the life you’ve been blessed with.

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